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America's Rise as a World Power from 1865-1898 - Essay Example

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Trade improvement started after the end of the American Civil War, where America’s economic power was raised by trading with other big nations like England. The growth of America’s industrial power prompted other nations like England to trade with them, hence increasing America’s economy…
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Americas Rise as a World Power from 1865-1898
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America's Rise as a World Power from 1865-1898

Download file to see previous pages... Additionally, America signed treaties for trade with nations like France, a sign that shows the increase in trade relations, which also increased economic growth.
The economic expansion of America to other countries is also another factor that contributed to its rise as a world power. The idea of expansion of trade internationally was started by William Seward with the help of other individuals. This was an advantage to America because the expansion and colonization of other nation increased the accessibility of raw materials for industrial purposes. With the availability of raw materials, industries expanded so did the economy. Moreover, American products were sold outside the country, which was because of the expansion of industries due to the industrial revolution. With the availability of surplus products in the market, America expanded its businesses to other countries. Additionally, the country made investments in other countries, which ensured that raw materials were available for industrial use, for example, America invested in oil fields in Mexico. The investment and expansion of America’s business to other nations was an advantage to them because of the availability of cheap labor. Efficient communications that were invented helped increase trade within different nations. With the increase in trade because of the production of many products, America raised its status to one of the powerful nations.
Coalitions of America with other nation for military, trade and industrial benefit is another contributing factor to its rise as a world power. England and America come together as trading partners after solving their differences that had aroused from the enmity they had because of San Juan Islands. Relations with other big nations like German and Russia was improved by German agreements to give islands of dispute to the Americans. Russians is seen to have sold Alaska to America. With the expansion of America beyond the Pacific, its economic power increased which also lead to its rise as a super power. America growth as to power was also contributed by the expansion of its military. They considered the expansion of the military because of involvement in trade and investments in other nations. Additionally, they also had to consider expansion done by other countries on their military system and follow suit. With the support of the idea of military expansion by Alfred Mahan, who argued that military expansion could guarantee Americans safety of their businesses, America’s economy could also be increased by a growth of the military. With the idea of Alfred, America was to build a military system and navy inclusive of stations throughout the world. This would ensure them the takeover of the world as a superpower. Events that led to Spanish War of 1898 Before the Spanish war of 1898, Cubans were in the hands of Spanish colonists and they tried to free themselves from the colonists. With the idea of getting independence from the Spanish, they revolted against the Spanish using guerilla war tactics. The Cuban uprising against the Spanish failed, which prompted the Spanish to impound the lager Cuban population and put them in one location, a situation that lead to a humanitarian crisis. This is because the location that the Cubans were detained made them easily exposed to diseases and malnutrition. America saw these situations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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