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Youth decision for military careers - Dissertation Example

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This work highlights the importance of the military as an option for America's youth in relation to improved education,financial stability,and as a method of personal goal-attainment.Statistically,there are alarming groups of adolescents who are exposed to gang-related activities and drug abuse that have no significant medium …
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Youth decision for military careers
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Download file to see previous pages This work highlights the importance of the military as an option for America's youth in relation to improved education, financial stability, and as a method of personal goal-attainment. Statistically, there are alarming groups of adolescents who are exposed to gang-related activities and drug abuse that have no significant medium in which to escape negative environments. For these demographic groups, the military is not only a substantial option, but might even by their ONLY method to achieve a better style of living. Today's military is geared toward relationship-building, career accomplishment, and helps to instill methods of teamwork that benefit the teenager in the short-term, but also teaches life enhancement techniques that carry well into adulthood. With the rising cost of university education, some parents and children might be willing to explore a military enlistment as a recognizable outlet for an alternative to providing quality career education.The branches of the United States military are actively working to increase recruitment among young adults at the high school level, however, there is a concerning disconnect. With the current world events and social attitude towards the military and war against terrorism, the somewhat negative perceptions carry over towards recruitment. Much the same as other historical wars, the war on terrorism will eventually end, but the need for high quality recruits will not. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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