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Finite Element Analysis of Structures MSc in CIVIL ENGINEERING - Essay Example

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The material is assessed in terme of functionality to estsablish that it hs met the criteria of a useful fiuxute in the house. The stresses that the material is to be exposed are also analyzed, in addition, conclusions…
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Finite Element Analysis of Structures MSc in CIVIL ENGINEERING
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Extract of sample "Finite Element Analysis of Structures MSc in CIVIL ENGINEERING"

Download file to see previous pages Upon assessment of the bracelet, the assessment requires a report on the design as well as making recommendations and preferences to the design.
The project requires skills of structural mechanics and dynamics to assess the functional capacity of the bracket. Through real life analysis, the viability of the design shall be developed by incorporating the availability of material as well as the safety of the design.
The problem that is presented in this report is a suspicion that a given design of a ceiling bracket fails to meet the user requirements and may be unfit. There is also suspicion that the production of the bracket may not be a viable idea, economically. Although the functional requirements of the bracket may have been included in the design of the bracket, its usability, flaws in the design as well as the structural elements of the production process may hinder applicability and reliability. The problem that the proposed bracket is solving is supporting a maximum vertical load of six Kilo Newton and a side load of two Kilo Newton.
The investigation of the viability of the bracket can be derived from the definition of an engineer. An engineer is a professional who has acquired the academic qualifications in the engineering field and is capable of practicing the concept. This involves, identification of a problem that faces a community or individuals, assessment of the problem, proposing of possible solutions to the problem and production of the best-suited solution while ensuring that the functional requirements, which define the problem, are met. The economic and aesthetic functions of the developed solution have to be also integrated in the solution.
The investigation thus is done to establish the viability of the bracelet design, in ensuring that it meets the functional requirement of supporting the weight of various elements from the ceiling. Under the investigation, it is also worth noting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Finite Element Analysis of Structures MSc in CIVIL ENGINEERING Essay.
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