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Infrastructure Application and Review - Essay Example

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Infrastructure means the technical structures that supports a society. These are the roads, water supply and wastewater, floods, grids management systems, our communication which is the phone lines, broadcasting, internet and many others. The systems have been owned and managed by local or central governments in the past…
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Infrastructure Application and Review
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Download file to see previous pages Roads enable the transport of raw materials to the production plants and distribution of the finished products to the market place.
Efforts to devise generic definitions of infrastructure have referred to the network aspect of the structures and the accumulated value of investments in the networks as assets. Such efforts defines infrastructure as a network of assets. The system as a whole is intended to be maintained at a specified standard of service by the replacement of its components(1). However, the principles that civil infrastructure is meant to have, is the unlimited service of life. Provide some specified minimum standard of service that are neither inherent to the concept or generally accepted by the societies served. Infrastructure may also refer to information technology, formal and informal channels of communication, development of tools such as software, social networks and political or the beliefs held by members of particular groups. More conceptual uses is the idea that infrastructure provides in organizing structure and support for the system or organization it serves. These could be in a city, nation , corporation or a collection of people with common interests.
In the study of infrastructure network design, it is very important for the engineer to address several fundamental issues. In the starting point of our analysis, we have to use the fundamentals. First, we need to consider these fundamentals in a progressive way. The first fundamental that we need to consider is the alignment. Progress is one great reason why infrastructures are being considered. In the process of planning the infrastructures of a certain place, the first thing to be done is to perform a topographic survey of the place in order to avoid problems that may arise in the future. Natural features of the place, such as rivers or streams needs a close study, and the ground condition must also be analyzed. The importance of the analysis of the ground condition is that the soil may not be suitable for the infrastructure to be built. There could also be existing hills in the area. These hills, or any other natural features could help in the physical aspect of the area later on. Rolling terrain adds beauty to a place if properly landscaped. In consideration to the community that would benefit in the infrastructure to be built, the horizontal construction must ease the transportation of the community. In the vertical construction, the weather in the area must also be studied. Construction of buildings must not add pressure to the comunity, rather, it must be designed to help the community in all aspects such as living conditions and financial conditions.
In the process of building the infrastructure in a certain location, the community must be accessible to almost everything that comes in. In the deliveries of materials for construction, there must be sub routes so that it will not cause congestion in the area, whereby giving the residents the freedom to move easily. The transport system must ease the traffic system of the area, and it must be maintained at all times. The capacity of the area to contain such infrastructures could be one reason in the process. Research must be done first to ensure that the users would not be harmed in the future growth of progress. Surely, there would be expansion in the days to come. In this case, monitoring of the future ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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