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Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Internet Business Group Paper on the use of Web Based Social Networking as a Business Tool - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper will evaluate two sources of information (IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and a Cisco Internet Business Group Paper on the use of Web-Based Social Networking as a Business Too) to determine their suitability for use in the research on the use of web-based social networking as a business tool…
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Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Internet Business Group Paper on the use of Web Based Social Networking as a Business Tool
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Extract of sample "Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Internet Business Group Paper on the use of Web Based Social Networking as a Business Tool"

Download file to see previous pages For the purpose of fully determining the suitability of the two sources, this paper will review the authority, objectivity, quality, currency, and relevancy of each of the two papers.
The first paper was written and published by IBM.IBM is an American multinational company that is involved in the manufacture of computer hardware and software as well as offering consultancy services in the field of technology. The publisher of this people is, therefore, a reputable company with an in-depth understanding of technology and technological solutions. The company is a commercial entity specializing in computer and web related technologies worldwide.
The second paper, which is the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group Paper, was written by Rick Hutley. The author of this paper is the vice president of Cisco Consulting Services. The author is a specialist in technology related business development and has helped various companies worldwide in the journey to the use of the internet in business to maximize profit. He is a technology innovation expert with vast knowledge of internet technology and networking. The paper was published by The Cisco Business Solution Group which is an American multinational that specializes in networking solutions.
The two papers are therefore written and published by reputable authors and publishers respectively. Since these two publishers and the authors involved are reputable, the content of the papers is therefore reliable.
The two papers that are being reviewed all talk about Web-Based Networking in their title. The IBM Paper provides an executive summary on the content of the paper. It talks about the use of electronic mail and the associated advantages.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Book Report/Review)
Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Book Report/Review.
“Analysis of IBM Paper on Future of Email and Applications and Cisco Book Report/Review”, n.d.
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