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Popular IBM Applications for Business - Literature review Example

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The paper “Popular IBM Applications for Business” presents IBM DB2 universal database and IBM WebSphere Application Server. The first is a new offer of IBM’s band of Relational Database Management Systems. The latter is an inherent part of the IBM’s Websphere line of products…
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Popular IBM Applications for Business
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Extract of sample "Popular IBM Applications for Business"

Download file to see previous pages Most of today’s work has now shifted from being paper-based to being handled by complex software systems. However, the magnitude and range of these operations have encompassed so many domains and responsibilities that apart from using these applications, a new and important responsibility to maintain the health of these applications has evolved and this also includes the following four domains:
Availability: the extent to which the application is available for use by the end users.
Integrity: the degree to which the application is able to process and deliver the results correctly.
Performance: The response time of the system in reaction to a set of queries from the user.
Reliability: the degree to which the application’s results can be believed to be correct.
Among these required capabilities of application health management, Integrity and reliability are facets inherent to the system while the availability and performance of a system are controlled by many other supporting components in addition to the application itself. The importance and availability of an application become even more important in environments where the application comprises numerous interconnected components. However, before proceeding with the discussion of the main topic, it is necessary to describe some popular IBM technologies and products that will be used as part of the discussion. These are the IBM DB2 universal database and the IBM WebSphere Application Server, each of which is as described below:
The IBM DB2 universal database is a pioneering product of IBM’s series of Relational Database Management Systems. In recent times, the DB2 has been integrated into the company’s Information Management Software line and has come to be associated with a broader range of products. The latest version of the database is 8.2 and numerous earlier versions with different capabilities and functionalities have been released before. The newer versions of the DB2 have been tagged as universal databases as they have come to be operated upon a range of devices from handheld PDAs to normal computers to Mainframe Systems. Apart from being able to be hosted by a number of Operating Systems such as Windows, Unix, and Linux, DB2 also comes in versions that are capable of allowing it to operate as a Warehouse Edition (DB2 DWE). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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