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Critically analyse the transtheoretical model of exercise behaviour change and understand the problems associated with exercise adherence - Essay Example

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Behaviour change exercises for better health is a vast field of study which has been a subject matter for researchers and investigators over the years. It is for this reason that a number of interventions and exercises in health management were originated for and based on the…
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Critically analyse the transtheoretical model of exercise behaviour change and understand the problems associated with exercise adherence
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Extract of sample "Critically analyse the transtheoretical model of exercise behaviour change and understand the problems associated with exercise adherence"

Download file to see previous pages The analysis will be done by giving important consideration to the critical address to the model as an application for modification of healthy behaviour among people. The paper shall also discuss the problems associated with the adherence of the TTM based interventions or exercise for the need of better behavioural change.
A number model has been drawn specifically in order to illustrate the ways in which behavioural change within an individual is more likely to be noted. The origination of the model was done by the conceptualization by Prochaska and DiClemente in 1983. The conceptualization made use of certain theoretical constructs to make the description of the behavioural changes associated with the modification of healthy behaviour. The difference between transtheoretical model of behaviour change and other approaches is that other approaches have utilized social and biological impact to focus on the behaviour and decision-making. This makes transtheoretical model of behaviour change to be more relevant and specific to human behaviour change (Moran, 2004).
The contribution of Prochaska and DiClemente is basically a sum mixture of different theoretical basis of psychotherapies and models. The generalization on which the transtheoretical model of behaviour change is based is the occurrence of change over the time. The application of the TTM is considered to be effective in case of modification and promotion of healthy activities in the daily routine of humans. It is an obvious fact that humans can gain a great deal of mental stability and behavioural activity by implementation physical exercise. TTM based physical exercise can bring positive change among individuals because of the analytical grounds on which the behaviour change is measured (Carlin, 2009).
As per the grounds of the model, it has been noted that the behavioural change can occur in five categorized stages. These stages are noted to be Pre-contemplation stage, contemplation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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