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Many experts have realised that different approaches to counselling provide different benefits. Consequently, this created the need to combine a series of theories in order to reinforce change within a client. Most researchers affirm that there are minor differences between these theoretical approaches…
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Integration in Counselling
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Download file to see previous pages This is why they have embraced multi theoretical therapies. The paper shall examine some of the differences between some therapeutic approaches and how these can be applied to certain clients
One of the earliest methods developed in the history of counselling was called psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud. The work of this expert was instrumental in creation of other disciplines that directly stemmed form psychoanalysis. Some of them included person centred psychotherapy, existential therapy, transactional therapy etc. In fact, literature indicates close to two hundred different forms of psychotherapy. Usually what happens is that when a new therapy is created, it is done in a series of stages. Afterwards, therapists are then trained in that specific area of study. This is then followed by application of the model. Usually, therapists may combine this with other approaches and then re-name the model. (Loos, 2002)
Theoretical approaches are sometimes called pragmatic approaches. This is because they are likely to focus on methods and techniques that work. While they may use bits of theory here and there, most of them are concerned with approaches that have shown success. However, integrated psychotherapists are usually more focused on theories and are more concerned with why and how this method works rather than on the technique alone.
The Cognitive analytic...
This is because in cognitive analytic therapy, one cannot rely on one dimension to explain or deal with a particular problem. For instance when tackling depression, some cognitive analytic adherents may describe this as a result too much negative reinforcement. Others may treat it as a deficiency in one's behaviour. Others may use the helplessness theory. Here, individuals tend to believe that their locus of control is out of touch with what is needed to cope with the problem. Lastly, others may explain it as something that falls in line with the rational emotive therapy. Here, one possesses a belief system that is irrational in nature and may actually lead to dysfunctional emotion. (Engel, 1980)
On the other hand, the multimodal approach may also be regarded as a transtheoretical approach. This is because in order to handle a certain case study, multi modal therapists usually rely on a series of theories or schools of thought to explain the matter. Some of these schools of thought may not even fall within conventional psychological practice because they may include things such as exercise (if the patient's sedentary lifestyle could have caused some of the emotional problems). The multimodal approach has a certain framework against which its theories are derived from. All of them fall within the acronym known as Basic ID. The latter term refers to all the Behavioural, Affect (emotional reaction), Sensations, Images, Cognition, Interpersonal and lastly, Drugs or biological approaches. Consequently, if a multi modal counsellor is handling depression, then they may utilise a series of the above theories to place the client's actions in context. (Fairbairn, 1981)
In terms of technical eclecticism, the multimodal approach differs from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Integration in Counselling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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