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Culture awarness - Essay Example

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The survey method used was appropriate because a survey, if answered honestly, can provide the information needed regarding the course that…
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Culture awarness
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Extract of sample "Culture awarness"

Culture Awareness Design & Delivery Designing the to address areas where deficiencies were detected in the needs
Cultural awareness deficiencies were detected by analyzing the results received from the needs assessment survey given to the students. The survey method used was appropriate because a survey, if answered honestly, can provide the information needed regarding the course that will be designed and offered. The survey allowed the students to express their views and opinions about cultural awareness. The survey was also less tedious and time consuming compared to conducting interviews with the students. The survey enabled us to accomplish more using less time.
The course was designed according to what the students wanted and needed. The students wanted to learn about the cultures of certain countries and specifically, the way business is conducted in these countries (Vollmer, Alnuaimi and Macku 3). A flaw in our needs assessment design was our failure to determine the student’s level of awareness. We failed to ask questions concerning much they already knew about the cultures of the different countries. In hindsight, we forgone general awareness questions because we gave the students the choice of which countries they would like to learn about. Doing this made it difficult to assess any prior knowledge of the countries the students may have had.
Another flaw within our course was we realized in hindsight more emphasis could have been given to the industries that have the greatest potential in the country. We now realize we could have been more industry specific within our presentation since most of the students communicated their concerns about jobs and business.
Information about how to perform during business meetings within the different countries was included in the course because the survey results indicated the students agreed upon the importance of learning about different cultures in light of the recent globalization of the business world. Dining etiquette and dress codes were also included within the course because of unanimous agreement within our group that both topics are extremely significant to a country’s culture and therefore should be included within cultural awareness training.
Justifying the decisions that were made based on research evidence.
Based on research evidence, students realize the need for cultural awareness especially with the trend of business moving towards globalization. Students agreed that they will need the necessary skills to be able to prepare for expatriatism. Two-thirds of the students, deem it important to be aware of the different cultures of the world because they will need that knowledge and skill base for their future jobs.
The countries chosen namely, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, China and India were based on the results of the needs assessment survey given to the students, inferring as to what countries they would most like to learn about. The decision to present the business etiquette in the four countries chosen was also justified by the survey results, specifically wherein most students agreed learning how business is conducted within different countries is important.
Information concerning tourism, according to the survey, should not have been included in the training course. However, the decision to include information about general tourism was included based on a group consensus. The group felt as though including information such as the World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympics 2016 in Brazil, would contribute greatly to general knowledge of any potential expatriate traveling to Brazil within the time frame of certain events (Vollmer, Alnuaimi and Macku 7). This knowledge would be important for an expatriate traveling to Brazil within said time frames for safety reasons.
Works Cited
Vollmer, Cecelia, et al. "Cultural awareness training with business etiquette preparation." n.d. 24 April 2012. Read More
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Culture Awarness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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