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Integrating Quality Assurance Principles in the teaching-learning environment - Essay Example

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION Name University Professor Task 1 Choose any four (4) QMS requirements from the list below to discuss how each relates to a VET organisation International and national rules and regulations The efficient delivery of services by any organisation heavily depends on the adherence to regulations by authorities and other bodies…
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Integrating Quality Assurance Principles in the teaching-learning environment
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Download file to see previous pages Programmes developed by the organisation must remain focused on the existing rules and regulations from relevant authorities within the education sector. Through adherence to rules and regulations, organizations could potentially gain recognition from various national and international authorities. Organisational accreditation can also become achieved through ensuring adherence to all rules and regulations provided within the industry (Gonzales, Theresa, & Nair, 2004). Educational objectives of the training institute All teaching institutions have their established objectives, which provide guidelines when undertaking teaching. The educational objectives provide guidelines on the establishment of vocational training and the programmes that can be offered. These are elements that must become critically analysed before engaging in teaching programmes. The fundamental reason behind making an evaluation of the objectives remains, ensuring the programmes suffice the requirements of the institute(Smith & Keating, 1997). The VET organisation’s objectives must remain viable and in line with the institutional objectives. This would ensure the two organisations work harmoniously towards achieving similar objectives and targets in delivering vocational training Qualifications of teaching staff Successful implementation of a teaching program requires the utilisation of highly trained academic staff that would be used in delivering essential learning services to learners. As some of the most important stakeholders, teachers must have the desirable qualifications for delivering information to learners as required. The professional qualifications of the teachers remain fundamental in ensuring they have the capability to deliver the learning as required by the organisation. The qualification of teachers remains a key factor affecting delivery of the learning and consequently becomes displayed in the learning outcomes as gained by the students (Ntukidem, Etudor-Eyo, & Etuk, 2013). Achieving good learning outcomes within the learners would heavily depend on the qualifications of the teachers delivering the learning. Many vocational organisations provide specialised learning to learners with unique academic requirements. The services offered by these organisations remain heavily dependent on the capacity of the teachers to deliver the services as required. Qualifications of these teachers therefore would also include their capabilities in understanding the environment under which the teaching is performed. Teacher qualifications become essential in ensuring the teacher understands the requirements of the learners and organisation. The environment under which the learning occurs is sometimes a challenge to both the teachers and learners. Professionally qualified teachers, become aware of these conditions and have the capacity to undertake teaching within this setting. Teaching equipment Teaching equipment provides the teacher with the capacity to undertake teaching responsibilities easily and efficiently. They offer the required assistance in making teaching simple and learning easy. These tools remain the fundamental elements that ensure efficiency of the teaching process, despite the qualifications of teachers. The role of teaching equipment remains that of aiding teachers in delivering services to learners. Without equipment, teaching would become extremely difficult and many learning outcomes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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