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Students must be able to make the most of the facilities and technologies available to enhance their online education. The ENC 3213 online course, which has been…
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Request for Proposals (RFP)
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Online Usability Study and Recommendations Online Usability Study and Recommendations Usability of online platforms for education is one of the key factors of ensuring efficiency on online education. Students must be able to make the most of the facilities and technologies available to enhance their online education. The ENC 3213 online course, which has been effective over the years, also needs to be very dynamic in terms of incorporating new and emerging ideas and technologies in order to remain relevant.
Purpose/Objectives of the Study
This study aims at evaluating the usability of the ENC 3213 course program to determine whether the students get the value they deserve in terms the ease of accessing and sharing knowledge and information. The research will then culminate in recommendations for improving the system. Some of the objectives for the study are as outlined below
To evaluate the effectiveness of the ENC 3213 online course program
To assess the usability of the system in terms of its responsiveness to the needs of students
To find out any areas of improvement that can make the course more effective
Statement of the Problem
Online systems of education have to be improved regularly in order to incorporate new and emerging technologies that enhance the ability of the students to get the most from online courses. In the past few years, several systems such as Moodle and Socrates have emerged, each focusing on different aspects of online education. In addition, social media, video conferencing technologies, and messaging technologies such as Whatssap have also emerged as key elements in communication; hence, influencing education. It is crucial for online courses to incorporate all these elements in order to be more effective. The changing technological environment makes it necessary for online courses to be dynamic if they have to continue being relevant into the future.
One key element is usability. This concerns the ability of students to access information about their courses and shares the information through various online platforms such as the website (Collins, Weber, &Zambrano, 2014). Such mediums of communication have to be responsive to the needs of the students besides making it easier for them to access and share course content.
Background/Project Description
Online courses have become very popular today as more people gain access to the internet. In addition, the flexibility with which online education brings in terms of time and place of study has helped attract many students to use the online platform. However, changes in technology have made it necessary for providers of online courses to change their strategies from time to time to make the systems more responsive to the needs of students. In this regard, it is critical to improve the usability of online course programs to enhance communication and exchange of ideas among students as well as with the instructors(Collins, Weber, &Zambrano, 2014).
Research Methods
This study will be based on the systemic review research design. This entails examining contemporary literature on the topic and analyzing it to determine key issues of concern, trends, and best practices that relate with the topic. Therefore, the research will be based on secondary sources of data derived from websites, peer-reviewed articles, and books about the topic.
Limitations of the Study
Some of the limitations that are likely to affect the outcome of the study include time and budgetary constraints. The study is expected to be covered within a specified duration. However, this timeframe is not sufficient to cover all the finder details revolving around the topic. Furthermore, the research will also be costly in terms of data collection. The desire to minimize on costs and cover the study within the required time can limit the findings of the study.
Project Schedule
Drafting of proposal 2-3 days
Data collection 1-2 weeks
Identifying the sources 3-5 days
Literature review 7-10 days
Analysis of the findings 3-5 days
Final report writing 2-3 days
Presenting the Findings 1-2 days
Total 3-4 weeks
This study is very important in terms of improving the effectiveness of the ENC 3213online course. The study aims at evaluating the usability of the ENC 3213 course program to determine whether the students get the value they deserve in terms the ease of accessing and sharing knowledge and information. Given the volatile nature of online education and technology, it is critical that online systems of education are dynamic and responsive to changes in technology. In this regard, the research would like to request the necessary permissions to proceed with this research study, which will culminate in groundbreaking results that will greatly enhance the systems for ENC 3213 online course.
Collins, D., Weber, J., &Zambrano, R. (2014).Teaching Business Ethics Online: Perspectives on Course Design, Delivery, Student Engagement, and Assessment.Journal Of Business Ethics, 125(3), 513-529. Read More
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Request for Proposals (RFP) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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