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Multiple questions - Essay Example

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After I have learned the concept of abstraction ladder, and increasing awareness of the intentions and possible interpretation of a message as a potent tool to communicate well with others, I will be more conscious and mindful enough in the way I say and receive a particular…
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Multiple questions
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Download file to see previous pages I discovered later that the battery was an Eveready rechargeable and I don’t have a battery charger at home. If only I have read the book before the incident, I could be more specific and relate well with the store owner.
2. Just last month I visited a very close friend who is also our neighbor. I bought a pizza and I invited her family to share with the food. When we opened the pizza box all were happy except my friend. She told me that she was happy and fine but her facial expression showed she’s disgusted. She went upstairs and later reappeared. Later on, I learned from her mother that she doesn’t eat veggies like mushrooms, green peppers and red onions, and she has an allergy towards black olives. I also learned that she told her to go downstairs. Nevertheless we altogether enjoyed the time. I should have been more alert; when she looked disgusted it only means one thing–she doesn’t like it. Indeed, it pays to be more conscious and aware. In the future, I will know first persons whom I will have an interpersonal relationship with.
3. Since I am an African-American, I carry a remnant of African cultural heritage. Although the influence of America is great these days, I still think like an African, talk like an African-American and I value our kind of music, behaviors and even tradition. I still value our extended families. Of course, since I also carry an American cultural lineage, I also cherish things like the Hollywood. Ultimately, my preferences have shaped the kind of culture I’m living with. Culture is important in interpersonal communication since it can effectively send the message across without barriers. More significant is to know the culture of the person we’re interacting with to attain a resolution and understanding. Since we had a bitter history of racial discrimination, I have been very assertive with my rights and our equal privileges with the Whites. Sometimes, I get unconsciously aggressive to defend ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Multiple Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1)
Multiple Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
“Multiple Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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