Local or National Healthcare Policy or Regulation Problem - Essay Example

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Obesity has provided a challenge to healthcare providers for years, and have difficulties when addressing the issue to ensure victims of obesity are not hurt in any…
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Local or National Healthcare Policy or Regulation Problem
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Local or National Healthcare Policy or Regulation Problem Healthcare policy makers and managers have a problem in making decisions and policies when it comes to obesity. Obesity has provided a challenge to healthcare providers for years, and have difficulties when addressing the issue to ensure victims of obesity are not hurt in any way (Mechanic, 2011). In addition, obesity rate also known to have an impact in the cost and provision of healthcare nationally. The factors that enhance obesity assessed further in order to comprehend the people most affected by the issue. The article’s report found out that personal factor influenced substantially in enhancing obesity. For instance, the victims were found not be involved in physical activities that assist in cutting down body fats (Natarajan, 2010). In addition, their lifestyles were questionable. Through the information found in the report, healthcare policy makers can be able to embark on ways in which to assist the obese people. Obesity viewed as a failure of an individual by uncontrolled eating, lack of exercise among other poor health practices (Natarajan, 2010).
The author of the article was biased with regard to the subject of obesity. The author outlines the factors that influenced obesity to be only personal factors like reckless eating habits and lack of physical exercise. Nevertheless, obesity is also genetic, and at times, it is a medical condition. Even when an individual tries to cut down fatty foods, the individual is still termed as obese (Natarajan, 2010). Therefore, lifestyle cannot be considered the only reason for obesity. Therefore, when addressing the issue healthcare managers and policy makers should not be biased and should not blame the victims for their health condition. Instead, the individuals should be addressed appropriately without hurting their feelings.
The author supports the information in the article by providing some statistical evidence of how the obese people conduct their lives. As a result, a number of obese victims were found to live a reckless life and were lazy to get involved in physical activities. The author further adds that if the condition is not controlled healthcare providers will undergo an extra cost in dealing with obese people. In addition, the author adds, people should understand the factors that enhance obesity to control the problem. Obesity raises a number of health concerns, and if proper assistance provided the issue can be tackled (Natarajan, 2010).
Obesity is a global concern and the healthcare providers and policy makers should address the issue with concern. When making any policies obese victims should not be neglected, and the issue should not affect their feelings (Mechanic, 2011). Instead, the cause for obesity should be assessed, therefore, if the individual is found to live a reckless and lazy life proper, advice should be rendered. This involves advising the person to live a healthy life by eating health-promoting foods. Nonetheless, if the obesity is genetic the individual can be advised to keep fit and should not be condemned for being obese.
In my opinion, obesity raises a number of health concerns. Nonetheless, the issue should be approached well to ensure the victims of obesity are not hurt in any way. Many are times, when analyst and healthcare providers have condemned obese people referring to them as lazy and reckless. At times, it is too costly to eat healthy foods, and individuals forced to consume foods that increase their weight. It is; therefore, significant to offer necessary help to obese people to assist them with their health condition. Low-income earner parents often assume that obesity in children is normal when it is not. The bottom line in preventing all this is to establish best health practices in all households.
Mechanic, D. (2011). Policy challenges in modern health care. New Brunswick, N.J: Rutgers University Press.
Natarajan, V. (2010). Drivers of Obesity: An Empirical Investigation across US Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Proceedings of the Northeast Business & Economics Association, 2, 445-446. Read More
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