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Critically discuss the relationship between knowledge and power in one or more of the public institutions i.e (Universities, schools, museums) referring to specific examples or case studies - Essay Example

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This is particularly with regard to the fact that the production of knowledge often requires a significant amount of power, money and sometimes political influence (Foucault, 1977)…
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Critically discuss the relationship between knowledge and power in one or more of the public institutions i.e (Universities, schools, museums) referring to specific examples or case studies
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss the relationship between knowledge and power in one or more of the public institutions i.e (Universities, schools, museums) referring to specific examples or case studies"

Download file to see previous pages Many researchers have concurred that knowledge is always a product of power. Power and knowledge have always been intimately connected in the institutions of higher learning. Universities all over the world are practicing under the power relations of their societies. For example a number of research activities in the universities are often funded by the industries as well as political institutions holding power.
There are a number of cases at the University of Cambridge where the relationship between power and knowledge is displayed. For example knowledge and power have been significantly used together to enhance the freedom of individuals as well as assert discipline on the members of the University community. The use of new technologies in public institutions and particularly in the universities and colleges has significantly reshaped the relationship between power, knowledge and learning. The current information explosion driven by rapid adoption of internet all over the world has led to more questions regarding the relationship between power and knowledge. On the other hand, the new knowledge acquisition methods have also significantly changed the relationship between the learners and the sources of knowledge.
With regard to the relationship between power and knowledge, University of Cambridge has developed an institutional framework that manages the relations of power in the university. For example although the private donors can not directly influence the key academic appointments, they usually fund various academic posts or faculties and this only means that the study programs at the university are determined by those wielding power. On the other hand, the knowledge produced is often a product of the university procedures. This paper uses Cambridge University as a case study to analyze the relationship between knowledge and power in public institutions.
Power and knowledge are often used hand in hand in public institutions to enable the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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