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The effect of stress on personnel and organization behaviour - Essay Example

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The United Nations’ International Labor Organization has described work-related stress as a ‘universal epidemic’. By knowing the frequent reasons of employee stress,…
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The effect of stress on personnel and organization behaviour
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Extract of sample "The effect of stress on personnel and organization behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages 81) on job exhaustion, physical wellbeing issues, and performance setbacks.
In a recent study, the workers who felt exhausted were put into three groups of managers - (1) best, (2) moderate, (3) worst - employees with the ‘worst’ managers felt exhausted and were more expected to have sleep disorders as a result of job uncertainties. In addition, workers with the worst managers were 60 percent more liable to have colleagues who were thinking about leaving the company.
Job-related stress was directly linked with exhaustion, physical and mental fitness issues, as well as performance problems, for instance, absence, increase in employee turnover, poor value, mishaps, and blunders.
At the moment, major apprehension of employees was looking for a technique to create stability in professional and personal life responsibilities. In view of the fact that flexibility is an extremely vital apprehension for workers, having slight flexibility in the career will be an important basis of stress. “The additionally practical as well as unyielding a business is regarding taking time off, finding out professional agendas, and so forth, the higher the stress level of its workforce” (Maslach and Leiter, 1997, p. 87).
When employees are stressed as a result of work surplus or time constraints, they are more liable to disregard security practices or overlook the utilization of appropriate security mechanism, considering “they do not have time for either” (Gee and Gee, 2011, p. 99). Since stress neglects an individual’s capability to think, without a doubt, the worried workers are more expected to operate without paying attention to the possible outcomes of hazardous practices.
A worker, who is tensed due to excess of work, is likely to rush and attempt to go as rapidly as feasible with a task. This raises the possibilities of blunders, mishandling objects, and taking no notice of safety warnings that could avoid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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