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Mexican immigrants undocumented - Essay Example

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Every year refugees and immigrants flock to shores, airports and borders of the well-developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden, among others in large numbers to seek new residence for various reasons (Civian, 1994). Social workers dealing with this…
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Mexican immigrants undocumented
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Download file to see previous pages Most importantly, the social workers should know that immigrants or refugees despite the duration they will stay in the host country, they are most likely to be faced with a duality of cultures and hence do work with norms and expectations that conflict often. Although refugees and immigrants all seek new residence in a foreign country, their social and economic statuses differ and hence their adoption to the host country may also vary. Immigrants go to a host country on their own volition by attractiveness they see in that particular country. Usually they plan their entry carefully and selectively bringing some assets while relinquishing the assets at home (Abdulla, et al., 1997).
Whether their reason for migrating is economic or political, they easily adopt since they at least have somewhere to start from. On the other hand, refugees are forced to flee their homelands and seek asylum from the host country for various reasons and would probably prefer to return if safety is permitted. Usually they flee home with little or no planning and with few belongings if any and are usually traumatized by the destruction they have witnessed and so it takes time for them to adapt to the new surroundings. With this knowledge, the social workers could know how to handle them and the issues that affects them for effective integration.
Prior to the World War 11, the Mexicans accounted for less than 10 percent of the Florida immigration, and a quarter of Florida’s migrants in the early post war periods. In the 1960s, the Mexican immigrants percentage rose to 40 percent and by 1990s the figure rose to 50 percent of the total migrants in Florida. Prior to the 1970s, about 300,000 Mexican immigrants gained legal permanent residence in the United States yearly with most of them settling in Florida. In the last three decades, the number of legal permanent immigrants from Mexico to Florida has been doubling in each decade. This increasingly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mexican Immigrants Undocumented Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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