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Read the Ethnography Shadowed lives (undocumented immigrants in American society) by Leo R. Chavez and use it to discuss social institution supported by case studies - Essay Example

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Cultural anthropology is the study of human culture and civilization, where the discipline aims to estimate the patterns of human behavior, race, ethnicity and ethnography etc with reference to the attitude and activities of individuals. Anthropology is the science of groups of…
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Read the Ethnography Shadowed lives (undocumented immigrants in American society) by Leo R. Chavez and use it to discuss social institution supported by case studies
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Extract of sample "Read the Ethnography Shadowed lives (undocumented immigrants in American society) by Leo R. Chavez and use it to discuss social institution supported by case studies"

Download file to see previous pages The paper refers to the case studies mentioned by Leo Chavez (1997: 121-140), in which the author has discussed the pathetic financial condition of the people of South America and the methodologies they adopt to escape financial miseries. In his work “Shadowed Lives”, Chavez has also pointed out the efforts and struggle made by these individuals in order to come out of their pecuniary embarrassments by migrating towards North America by hook or crook. He has indicated towards the illegal migrants living in the USA for financial purposes. He views that Mexicans have highest proportion of migration to San Diego and other states of the USA.
Chavez is of the opinion that since man maintains strong and unconditional emotional ties with his family; he is always determined to work for the uplift of his family members. Since man cannot live far from his family for long, he also strives to bring his family in the same prosperous areas and states of the USA, where he has gone for job or labor. The rapid migration leads to cause social and cultural imbalances in the population statistics of the entire region on the one hand, and accelerates the level of struggle and miseries of the undocumented immigrants on the other. The illegal or undocumented population faces unabated problems in society, and has to bribe the security personnel for re-crossing the state boundaries to meet their family members.
It has aptly been stated that family has been the most fundamental institution of every society and culture of the globe at large since ever, which is responsible for the fulfillment of man’s all basic needs and desires. Man is born and dies in family, and obtains food, clothes, shelter, protection and emotional support from this basic institution of society. The family is a social institution found in all societies that unites people in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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