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Latino studies. Latino Youth in Juvenile / Criminal Justice - Essay Example

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The experience of Latino youth in the present American context is exposed with a high intensity of criminal image by the policing and…
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Latino studies. Latino Youth in Juvenile / Criminal Justice
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Download file to see previous pages y of the violence and criminal activities in the country projects the Latino youth in the socially arrogant side; however, an analysis of the actual situations of cumulative disadvantage, youth control complex and social ambush will clearly reveal that the Latino youth are haunted by the domineering approach of the upper class of the society in education, media, policing and law in the country.
A number of aspects need to be considered as the reason for the massively criminal image of the Latino youth in the American cultural map. As a prime factor, if radicalization stands as the major contributor of the worse scenario of this discrimination deal. The superiority complex of the aristocratic white community has always suppressed the feelings of the black and treated them in the most inhuman ways in the history of America. The Latino community belongs to the original ethnic group and the real natives of the mainland; however, the political and religious elements functioning in the cultural areas of the country have enormously added misery to their normal life. The social life of Latino and youth worsened with the urbanization of the Southwestern regions of America. The Latino community, spanning along the Mexican region, had a miserable condition from the barriorization posed by the powerful political influence of the religious and cultural actors. In the opinion of Herzong excessive making of freeways through the Mexican American regions contributed to the destruction of quality life of the Latinos (105).
Political changes and the visible impact of English dominance in culture and literature along major cities of the country also resulted in the inferior life style and of the community with a significant social ambush prevailing against them. Moreover, the male dominance in political leadership had their influence in the socialized life of the Latinos. These conditions added to the ill effects the community was facing with many more miseries coming in the way of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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