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Correctional Institution, Criminology major - Essay Example

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Given that rape victims often feel too ashamed and embarrassed to report sexual crimes, these figures are likely to be much higher. Often, young inmates…
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Correctional Institution, Criminology major
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Extract of sample "Correctional Institution, Criminology major"

Download file to see previous pages Among them is “protection from cruel and unusual punishment, including sexual harassment and other sex crimes” (Jacobson 118).
To discourage sexual abuse in a prison facility, a correctional manager could take some steps by efficiently using the limited resources at their disposal which may include increasing time deducted on sentences for good behavior. This would encourage prisoners to adhere to prison rules with the hope of early release. The prison manager should practice wise deployment of staff taking in consideration the vulnerable locations and high risk times. Rape is a violent crime, therefore, stopping violent activities reduces chances of rape occurring. A correctional manager should endeavor to stop prison gang membership, activity or recruitment. These gangs encourage violent behaviors and operate on codes of silence. The correctional manager should also develop effective institutional policies and processes. These should provide guidelines on what is to be done in case abuse is reported, suspected, found happening or proven. These policies and procedures should instruct on how to deal with offenders and victims. They should guarantee swift action and protection for the victim.
The correctional manager should also encourage programs that prepare prisoners to live a contributing and law-abiding life after incarceration. These programs may incorporate activities that put the prisoners in controlled contact with the free world. This gives them a hint of free life and encourages them to adhere to rules to avoid longer incarceration and pursue early parole. Rape and other sex crimes in prisons occur due to many reasons. Facilities where prisoners are over-crowded have higher incidences of sexual abuse (Freedman 89). Understaffing of correctional facilities makes it hard to monitor prisoners’ activities. This creates space for indulgence in illegal and unethical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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