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Women in the Criminal Justice System - Research Paper Example

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The author concludes that women look for jobs in corrections for the similar rationales that men have: the system provides individuals with no advanced developed competencies and without a diploma beyond high school a stable employment, adequate salaries and benefits, and prospects for promotion  …
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Women in the Criminal Justice System
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Extract of sample "Women in the Criminal Justice System"

Download file to see previous pages The experiences of several female correctional authorities and superintendents disclose that barriers are present that frequently thwart them from realizing their objective. In the continuing debate over the position of women in corrections, as expected, all the long-established labels about women have emerged.
Women historically entered corrections as agents of change in the nineteenth century, a period of growing social disorders, abrupt changes in the position and role of women, and grand passion for change. The Women’s Prison Association, the Moral Reform Society and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union were among the institutions that attempted to raise the welfare of women and of the larger society. The agents of change were women of the aristocratic and middle classes who sense a responsibility to be helpful in society. They were component of a significant development in the positions of women. On the other hand, the notion had surfaced and was to become particularly felt in the Victorian period, that good women were domestic partners and mothers who had no job or work-related activities outside the home, even not belonging to the businesses of their husbands (Daly & Maher, 1998, 71).
These women were dedicated to the “cult of true womanhood,” with its prominence on feminine submissiveness and meekness. But since the middle of the nineteenth century onwards, there was a growing population of women from the upper classes who had obtained college diplomas, even higher and specialized degrees. Several of these educated women joined the workforce as educators, social workers, lawyers and the like, apart from becoming conventional domestic partners (Daly & Maher, 1998, 72). Women of this kind dealt with as best they could in a frequently unfriendly and antagonistic male realm.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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