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Interaction between Police, Prosecutors, and the Courts - Research Paper Example

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Interaction Between Police, Prosecutors, and the Courts Customer Inserts His /Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 9 August 2011 Interaction between police, prosecutors, and the Courts There is a continuing interaction among the police, prosecutors, and the courts of law…
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Interaction between Police, Prosecutors, and the Courts
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Download file to see previous pages The smooth and well orchestrated interaction between police, prosecutors, and the courts is necessary to keep the peace and economic viability of the community. The police officers keep the criminals and persons under trial in jail while they are processed for trial. When convicted by the courts of law, the police officers will jail the convicted person in jail the serve the jail sentence handed down by the courts of law. The prosecutors present evidences to the courts to prove the guilt of the persons charged. The courts determine whether the person charged is guilty or innocent of the crime charged. The police officers must ensure that they will implement a high quality investigation to feret out the criminals from the innocent persons as the officers roam the streets of the United States community. The police officers should take extra care of the evidences gathered in order to ensure that the court’s verdict will be correct. The police officers’ presentation of falsified evidences may result to the court’s erroneous verdict. The erroneous verdict may be to convict an innocent person because of circumstantial evidence. Another erroneous verdict is to declare innocence a person of a crime due to some legal technicalities. One such legal technically is the police officer’s gathering of evidences by using force on a person, against the person’s will. ...
The prosecutor must ensure that the court will receive case evidences as a basis for issuing a guilty verdict as well as issue court ruling using legal doctrines. For example, the prosecutor must use the proper section or law references to back up one’s thesis. The court is challenged to prioritize cases. For example, the court must prioritize cases where the person accused is being held under lock and key by the police officers. The court must ensure that the police officers and the prosecutors do not violate the basic rights of the accused persons during their incarceration. For example, Samuel Walker (1993) emphasized “The videotaped beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police officers on March 3, 1991--an event that electrified the country—dramatized the problem of police discretion. The officers involved acted out their worst impulses, obviously believing they would never be caught or punished. The fact that a sergeant was present and that the officers later discussed the incident over the police radio is the most damning evidence of their sense of immunity”. The above Rodney King case shows an extreme of the American justice system. The police officers took the law into their own hands. They manhandled the victim, Rodney King of Los Angeles, California. Consequently, the prosecutors must put into motion its duty to gather enough evidences to prosecute the abusive Los Angeles police officers. The police officers must do their best to reduce the crime rate in the community. In their frustration over the unabated crime incidents, some police officers may be triggered to act irrationally. The police officers must uphold the rights of the accused. One of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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