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Women are not treated fairly in prison - Essay Example

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In the paper “Women are not treated fairly in prison” the author analyzes how the women were treated in the prison. Analysis of her writing shows that there is evidence that women were treated equally in prison. There is enough evidence that points to the mistreatment of women in prison…
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Women are not treated fairly in prison
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Extract of sample "Women are not treated fairly in prison"

Download file to see previous pages Through the work of Davis, she says that almost all the woman that were in prison during her time were either black or Porte Ricans (Davis 19). The very reason for her imprisonment was her political views even though the authorities claimed that she had committed he offence of conspiracy and murder. The high number of racial imbalance within the prisons may demonstrate unfairness in other processes that come before imprisonment as was in the case of Davis. Davis makes a resounding call to the reader by stating several times that there was bias within the prison and that the population dynamics in the prison did not reflect any reality with regard to the criminality of the people in. Further she states that the bias in the system was such that it did not favor people who were poor and that explain why black people and other minorities were found in jails. Davis further points that not all women were treated the same once they found themselves in the prison walls.  It is pointed that while women were not restrained while Chicana and black women were put in handcuffs (Davis 298). A clear picture of what happens to the woman can be summarized through the story of Shakur. From the onset, she was imprisonment on an allegation that she had killed state trooper, something that was false. Based on the wrong allegation, she was subjected to inhumane treatment such as being stripped naked so that searchers were carried out. This kinds of treatments were not done to all other girls especially Chicano and black. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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