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Should Mothers Be Allowed to Have Their Babies and Raise Them in Prison - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Should Mothers Be Allowed to Have Their Babies and Raise Them in Prison?” compares the pros and cons for such cohabitation. It supports the mothers and kids' attachment, motivates the mother to behave properly to return to normal life. But prison conditions are not ideal for children…
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Should Mothers Be Allowed to Have Their Babies and Raise Them in Prison
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Extract of sample "Should Mothers Be Allowed to Have Their Babies and Raise Them in Prison"

Download file to see previous pages The US prison system facilitates women serving sentences which do not exceed 18 months to raise their babies while at the same time facilitating the mothers with skills and guidance on how to bring up healthy and disciplined children. Critics of this practice argue that such a policy is expensive for the taxpayers and that it neglects the core purpose of imprisonment, which is to punish the offenders. Supporters, on the other hand, claim that it is advantageous to the society and the prisoners, as well as the babies. This is because it reduces recidivism as mothers are facilitated with a chance to bond with their children, thus, enabling them to redefine their priorities among other benefits (Martone 54-63). This paper is a critical evaluation of whether women should be allowed to bring up their children in prison.
Mothers should be allowed to have their babies and raise them in prison until they complete their jail terms. The fastest growing part of the world’s population in prison is women. Most of these women are either mothers or are the main providers for their children. Given this, it is fair to find ways to help incarcerated women maintain their family ties. It is also important to consider the rights of children whose mothers are in prison. Many women’s correctional institutions have gone to the extent of allowing inmates to keep their children in the facilities. It is considered that the bond between a child and her mother should not be broken just because mothers have been imprisoned. Furthermore, it is a proven fact that the life that these children would live outside the prisons without their mothers would be worse. Taking these children from their mother’s care indirectly means taking them into the streets. On the other hand, there are damaging effects on both mothers and children as a result of imprisonment. There are reported cases of issues related to decreased mental health and problematic drug addiction among women as a result of giving them custodial rights. “Many researchers show that making custodial sentences as a tool of reduction of reoffending and offending to be inappropriate and ineffective” (Edwards and Mauthner 35).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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