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A Crisis Event: The Haiti earthquake - Essay Example

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It happened in the year 2010. It measured 7.0 on the Ritcher scale. It affected areas such as the Ouest province, the nearby cities of Carrefour and Jacmel, as well as areas to the…
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A Crisis Event: The Haiti earthquake
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Download file to see previous pages The damaged building was such a severe incident, the damages also included the infrastructure, such as electricity, roads, bridges, electrical and communication systems, and water systems. This left a lot of roads to and from the capital blocked. At the time of the incident, there were no communications as they were disrupted and thus no clear information regarding the incident would be obtained. There was the problem of transportation of relief food due to the damaged infrastructure.
At the time of the tragedy, it would not be possible to estimate the correct number of people affected but clearly the earthquake zones of intensity were experienced in the areas where there was a high population estimated to be around 3 million people. The response plans was to provide amenities such as food, water, health care, shelter, livelihood, education, and other necessities of life, and to strengthen and restore state capacities (El- Masri & Tipple 1997). Because of the affected people were many, thus it implied these people would move to other areas in search of food, shelter and other medical services that would farther add demographic pressure on the inhabitants of other rural areas and the rest of the urban centers.
The earthquake created a worse situation in the country, since it affected one of the highest populated area that was still an administrative and economic center. The situation is still difficult to take from the government since the country was experiencing a stable scion-political and economic growth that had brought about an increase of the peoples standards of living.
Several theories and models have been explained to clearly show the occurrence of the Haiti earthquake. Even though scientists believe that the effect of the tectonic plates and finite faults played a part in its occurrence “there is more than meets the eye”. Other critics suggest that the political problems that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Crisis Event: The Haiti Earthquake Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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