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Global community assessment of Haiti - Research Paper Example

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The writer of the following research paper seeks to represent an overview of the environmental state in Haiti, discussing its demographics, environment,and systems in the scope of health concern. Furthermore, the study shall examine the present health problems…
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Global community assessment of Haiti
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Extract of sample "Global community assessment of Haiti"

Download file to see previous pages The country is exposed to the impacts of climate change, especially sea level rise. Other overlapping factors affecting the county include high population densities, overstressed water resources, fragile ecosystems, and limited resources. The country is a perfect example of how socioeconomic conditions and physical exposure can cause extreme climate vulnerability. The country is prone to environmental stressors such as droughts, landslides, earthquakes, and hurricanes. The climate change in Haiti increases the likelihood of the occurrence and extreme weather events such as hurricanes. The country is also vulnerable to floods that occur occasionally. Heavy rains have increased the cases of waterborne diseases such as cholera. Such cases have weaken the natural systems such as loses of the protection of trees.Systems   The Haiti’s political system is the presidential-style republic whereby the President of Haiti is usually the Head of State. The majority party in the parliament and president elects the prime minister, and the government exercises the executive power. The National Assembly of Haiti consists of 30 member of senate elected for 6 years period, with a third of seat contested in every two years. The other assemble consists of 99 members chamber of Deputies. In terms of economic power, Haiti is among the poorest countries in the world where the majority lives in the extreme poverty.  Many people cannot afford the basic commodities and it becomes a challenge to access medical facilities.  As a result, a large segment of people in Haiti are living in extreme conditions, and diseases such as cholera are spreading rapidly because of lack of treatment.
The official religion of Haiti is Roman Catholicism while voodoo is the country’s national religion. Most Haitians practice and believe voodoo doctrines. It is important to note that, most voodooists believe in their religion as it is similar to Catholicism. However, most Protestants oppose voodoo since its belief system revolves around family spirits that are inherited through paternal and maternal lines. Unlike Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, Voodoo lacks an organized hierarchy and a fixed theology. Still, there is a small Muslim population in Haiti. Haiti relies more on road transport where the two highways run from one country to the other.
The main challenge with healthcare in Haiti is that there is no plan, structure, or system implemented to improve health care sector. There are inadequate healthcare facilities, insufficient medical staff, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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