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Analysis of an Evnironmental Disaster - Research Paper Example

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Analysis of an environmental disaster Name Professor Institution Course Date The Haitian Earthquake Causes The earthquake in Haiti struck on January 2010 recording a 7.0 magnitude. The Epicenter of the earthquake was about 25km in the west of the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince…
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Analysis of an Evnironmental Disaster
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Download file to see previous pages Haiti lies in a plate between the North American and Caribbean plates (Pistone & Hoeffner, 2011). The occurrence of the earthquake was triggered by the position of the country in a micro plate enclosed to the north and south by fracture zones (Oriente and Septentrional) and the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault (Brattberg & Sundelius, 2011). The locking of the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault for over 200 years caused buildup of stresses resulting to stored energy in the form of elastic strain in the outer layer of the earth. Excessive stress in the fault region caused a rupture leading to discharge of energy in seismic forms (Brattberg & Sundelius, 2011). Examine the direct and indirect impact on immediate- and long-term public health The Haitian earthquake left thousands of people homeless due to destruction of buildings. It had a devastating impact on the public health of citizens owing to destruction of health facilities, food and other resources (Pistone & Hoeffner, 2011). The earthquake increased the vulnerability of people to diseases due to poor sanitation resulting from the earthquake. The direct plus indirect impacts of the earthquake were evident as communication systems, water supplies, transportation systems and healthcare facilities were destroyed. Inaccessibility of transport systems plus communication problems made food plus medical supplies difficult hence increasing diseases (Cavallo, Powell & Becerra, 2010). The earthquake left several people with permanent disabilities where some became blind and others physically unfit. Diseases such as Malaria became common to the population due to in adequate preventive measures (Pistone & Hoeffner, 2011). Identify data regarding mortality and/or morbidity outcomes, if available Haitian earthquake led to the deaths of thousands of people. Estimates indicate that over 250,000 people died with the inclusion of those missing. The causes of morbidity in Haiti attributes to diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and diseases related to malnutrition (Cavallo et al., 2010). The public is vulnerable to other problems related to mental health, for example, Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). The survivors of the Haitian earthquake suffered various problems; mortality rates increased due to prevalence of diseases and poor conditions. For example, after the earthquake people spent nights in the open with little or no protection (Pistone & Hoeffner, 2011). Geographical impact with respect to health, number of lives lost, environmental damage, economic fallout, and long-term repercussions Even before the earthquake struck Haiti; several citizens did not have the access to a proper health care. The country has encountered political instability for several years. It has high levels of fertility thus; its population has increased over years. The population density in the country poses challenges when providing health care. Agriculture in Haiti has led to deforestation which has created environmental problems (Pistone & Hoeffner, 2011). In the event of natural disasters, the country is weak and unprepared. The earth quake in Haiti led to loss of several lives. Research indicates the death of over 250000 people and a displacement of over a million people. Those who did not die immediately succumbed later due to long-terms effects of disease. The survivors were under the exposure of diseases such as malaria and cholera thus; several succumbed to those illnesses (Pistone & Hoef ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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