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Engineering Disasters - Essay Example

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The following essay entitled "Engineering Disasters" deals with the disasters occurring at work. As the author puts it, disasters happen all the time. Some are small while others affect everyone. Below are just a few disasters that had an effect on society…
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Engineering Disasters
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Extract of sample "Engineering Disasters"

Download file to see previous pages That is why the failure of the Engineers is called Engineering Disasters. Engineering disasters can be divided into different categories such as civil engineering disasters, Mechanical Engineering disasters, Nuclear Disasters, Environmental disasters, space disasters, etc. The primary causes of engineering disasters are usually considered to be
According to the recent research conducted by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, it was proved the 800 cases of structural failure in which 504 people were killed, 592 people injured, and millions of dollars of damage incurred due to the Engineering Disasters. When the faults are from the Engineers’ side, they are classified by the researchers in the following manner
So the Engineers have no option but handle each and every task carefully. Here the paper especially focuses on many disasters that have occurred since 1800. This article is the analysis and the study of different Engineering disasters and the causes responsible for these disasters. Let’s have a look at some of the Engineering disasters from 1800 to till now.
In 1854 a catastrophe occurred due to the failure of Engineers in building the steamship named the Arctic where approximately 300 people had to lose their lives. The great appalling thing in this disaster was that not a single woman or child could survive. This steamship was built in New York City and it was launched in 1850. This giant ship was 284 feet long, one of the largest ships in those days. It's steam engines powered large paddle wheels on either side of its hull. It was well equipped with spacious dining rooms, saloons, and staterooms, the luxurious accommodations never before seen on a steamship had been provided to the people. On September 13, 1854, Arctic reached in Liverpool after a trip from New York City. On its return trip to New York, the Arctic would be carrying some important passengers, including relatives of its owners, members of both the Brown and Collins families. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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