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Instructional Tool/Resource - Essay Example

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It is therefore important to differentiate between teacher-centered learning techniques and student-centered learning techniques. The former simplifies…
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Instructional Tool/Resource
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Extract of sample "Instructional Tool/Resource"

Instructional Tool/Resource Instructional Tool/Resource Teachers need the services of instructional resources in order to provideeffective learning environments for their students. It is therefore important to differentiate between teacher-centered learning techniques and student-centered learning techniques. The former simplifies issues for the teachers while the latter makes learning easier for students (Zepeda, 2002). The 5 E’s instructional tool is a typical example of an instructional tool that can be used for ESL classes. The tool incorporates the aspects of engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration and evaluation. The five E’s stand for the type of activity that is practiced by the teacher and students; thus, students are expected to understand the symbolism of every letter portrayed as E. All classroom activities in the classroom are guided by the 5 E’s principles, and students always expect to go through the procedure for a detailed and enjoyable learning process.
Engagement involves the induction of shared learning expectations which encourage the students to always question the teacher, and to connect aspects of learning to the real world. It also fosters the reappearance of previous knowledge, and the students are helped by the teacher to develop the desire for learning, outline their goals, and also enhance their cognitive abilities. Exploration is the second E, and here students always expect to analyze, investigate, and develop information and ideas through their teacher’s help. Students expand their level of perceptions, and knowledge and teachers provide the required intervention (Zepeda, 2002). It promotes the desire to inquire, and students always yearn to be part of the learning. In the explanation part, students are encouraged to manifest their understanding through both verbal and non verbal cues. Teachers guide students in comprehending and organizing all forms of knowledge. Language aspects such as speaking and writing are enhanced in this case. The domain enhances literacy and language proficiency, develops new content, and clarifies connections. Elaboration involves supporting students to identify and describe concepts and their relationships. Teachers employ methods that enable students to transfer learning into various contexts. The process is enhanced by monitoring the students, and giving directions where necessary. Changes are also introduced when required, and the domain generally improves conversation, thinking, and it checks the progress exemplified by the students. The last E is known as the evaluation phase of the process, and it is equally important in this particular learning environment. In this case, the teacher helps students to improve, and refine their skills through meaningful and well-structured forms of assessment. The student’s progress and learning goals are measured against each other, and records are kept for future references. Students in this case, are able to examine their own progress, and they also measure their own efforts effectively. Teachers are also tasked with helping the students identify their specific goals. The medium provides assessment of performances, and it helps the students to gauge their own performances and achievements. In other words, students assess their own performances.
These indications can be presented in a small puzzle that requires only five answers. Q1. The aspects of learning desire and enhancement of cognitive abilities are characterized in which domain? Q2. What is the fourth most important domain that must always be followed in our classroom activities? Q3. In order to develop language proficiency, literacy, and strong connections in regard to concepts, what dimension or domain should a student take into account? Q4. One of the five E’s enables students to assess their own performances, which one? Q5. Which domain helps the student to always analyze, investigate and develop new information and ideas? The answers for the puzzle would be engagement, elaboration, explanation, evaluation, and exploration respectively.
Zepeda, Sally. (2002). Instructional Supervision: Applying Tools and Concepts. Eye on Education Publishers. Read More
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Instructional Tool/Resource Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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