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Analysis Report Grading Rubric - Essay Example

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(Name) (Course) (Instructor) (Date) Purpose of Human Resources Course TMGT 369 Course Design The analysis, design development implementation and evaluation model gives guidance to the student’s and the instructor on how to develop achievable goals and effectively help in preparation of course rerated materials (Morrison 14)…
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Analysis Report Grading Rubric
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Download file to see previous pages The need to advance in the human resource management is a main driver for undertaking this course. Today, the course is important to ensure my survival at the competitive job market in the human resource field. Furthermore, the motive to undertake she course comes from the urge to raise the efficiency and my standards of performance in targeted organizations. However, there exist a number of deficiencies during the study of the course. Lack of intensive resources to conduct the research related to Human resource is less than was expected. On the other hand, the available resources are restricted to databases that require rental procedures that will pose a problem in trying to access in-depth information on the course. Additionally, there may be an existence of delay in response from the instructor following that a number of students looks upon the professor for answers to course related questions. Effective and efficient instructions form the basis of comprehension of classwork information on the course. Comprehensive content for instructions initiative include reflection and reinforcement of the approach within the broader human resource strategy that is capable of linking other strategies such as reward and focusing the engagement of every student in the classroom (Morrison 32). The instructional strategies that I prefer includes discussion groups activities, talks by specialized human resource managers, case studies, simulation of facts related to the classwork, application of computer teaching, observational exercises that involve inspection and report techniques, briefs by senior professors, and interactive learning. Remarkably, the timeline of the program depends mostly on the instructor’s plan and procedures. However, on an individual view, prefer a timeline that is takes into consideration other social activities outside the classroom. Furthermore, the timeline should be in correlation with the content that the course entails to avoid over or underworking for students as well as the instructor. Audience The course compromise of high school learners where I am one of the students to undertake the course. I possess a number of characteristics that enhance my learning capability and collaboration with both the instructor and other students. I am a good listener, which ensures me to capture most from lecture and talks. Additionally, I actively participate in classroom proceedings by answering and asking course related questions. Remarkably, sitting in front of the classroom has been my trend throughout my education system. I do not require any pedagogical or anagogical considerations. The type of learning that needs to occur for the course should be focused on providing the student with practical skills on the course related information. It should demonstrate a good student-teacher relationship. Furthermore, the learning should be associative and inclusive. Inclusive learning ensures that all students regardless of disabilities have equal opportunities to succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially (Evans, Alvin & Edna 25). Spatial learning would also benefit the program because it involves the learning of relations among many stimuli regarding the course. Goals and Objectives Behavioral characteristic in an education environment play a main role in facilitating discipline and smooth flow. Non-natives behaviors in the classroom of restrained class ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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