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Research Article Critique Presentation/ Nurse Satisfaction in Magnet Hospitals - Essay Example

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The study revolves around the Magnet Recognition Program which provides a draft for setting a work environment for nurses so as to enable them to be true partners in care. The study was aimed at analysing the factors of support, workload, satisfaction and intent to stay in…
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Research Article Critique Presentation/ Nurse Satisfaction in Magnet Hospitals
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Download file to see previous pages Results of the study went on to show that nurses in the hospitals employing the magnet program had better scores over all while nurses working in the ones aspiring to employ the magnet recognition program had better scores still than the ones working in non-magnet hospitals which went on to show that the program is actually valid in meeting its intended goals. The study also suggested that the individual workload perception scale is an effective tool to be used in similar settings.
In terms of the strengths of the study, it can be seen that the aims of the study are very explicitly defined and the study is employing a large sample of over 3000 registered nurses for the analysis and that too from 15 institutions, 11 states and 292 diverse units. The sample size has been specified as a strength because its large number serves to reduce variation in its results and increases its chances of the results of the study being possible more generalizable and accurate than the results of the study with small sample sizes. In addition to that, the inclusion of nurses from various geographical regions and also from numerous diverse units adds on to this aspect of the results. It does also give an insight to the direction in which the Magnet Recognition Program is being considered on part of the nurses and hence, gives us an effective outlook on the broader impact of this program.
In terms of the weaknesses however, it can be observed that the study is not relating the findings or the background of its context to the already present literature on the subject matter. Along with that, the study states that the sample is convenience based and is basically based on a secondary analysis of an on-going data base that collects demographics of the nurse participants. This can possibly be considered as a weakness because the accuracy and reliability of the database cannot be validated by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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