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Magnet Hospital Characteristics - Research Proposal Example

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This study will adopt an explorative case study design. In essence it will be qualitative in nature. The choice of the case study approach is relevant because it will explore the various insights and information that relates to the subject matter of magnet hospital characteristics…
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Magnet Hospital Characteristics
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Extract of sample "Magnet Hospital Characteristics"

Download file to see previous pages This study will seek to explore the various ways in which magnet characteristics could be appropriated towards the objectives of empowerment, reduction of burnout and enhancing employee satisfaction within the healthcare facilities. Problem Statement The matter of job dissatisfaction and work related stress continues to engage the concern of stakeholders in the nursing profession. Nurses are continually subjected to adverse working conditions that affect their levels of production and dedication to duty (Earie & Denny, 2005). Despite the consistent improvements of other areas of the healthcare sector, there seems to be insufficient focus on the challenges that afflict the nursing fraternity. The general perception is that the healthcare system, as presently constituted, lays obstacles to the empowerment of nurses. The system is structured in such a way that assigns a subservient role to the nurses despite various research findings that emphasize the centrality of nurses to the success levels of every health care system. Among the many suggestions on the improvement of the nursing industry is the inclusion of magnet hospital characteristics. This study seeks to explore the possible effect of magnet hospital characteristics in solving the challenges of empowerment, work-related stress and burn-out within the nursing industry. Objectives of the Study The general objective of the study is to explore the impact of utilizing magnet hospital characteristics on fostering nursing empowerment, reducing the levels of burnout and job dissatisfaction. Specific Objectives 1. To determine the relationship between magnet hospital characteristics and power relationships within a healthcare institution with specific focus on the nurses and the...
This paper stresses that researchers on nursing have established that fragmented systems often promote negative competition and conflict between the nursing fraternity and the doctors. Systems that exclude nurses from decision-making processes often foster non-cooperation. Naturally, lack of cooperation between nurses and doctors will impact negatively in quality matters. Poor coordination could result in accidents and other elements of professional malpractice in the nursing community. Generally, nurses will tend to operate in ways that do not promote the general good of the hospitals due to the detached interest that follows. The need for harmonization of systems is consistent with the realization that quality service must involve processes of collaboration and delegation of roles. Technology also helps in the decongesting of hospitals thus promoting ample working environment for the nurses.
This report makes a conclusion that poor staffing is usually associated with the negative impacts of staff burnout and stress. Generally, the aim of magnet hospital characteristics is the improvement of all the processes, associations and arrangements in the hospital for the benefit of all the stakeholders. Other studies have associated it with the concept of total quality management as understood within the framework of management. Harmonization of the different systems, processes, and individuals within the framework of the core mission of the hospital is the chief objective of magnet hospital characteristics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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