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Resourcing Talent - Essay Example

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Workforce diversity can be described as the similarities and dissimilarities among employees in terms of age, cultural background, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation. The organizational benefits in maintaining workforce diversity are: (1) it can strengthen the cultural…
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Resourcing Talent
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Extract of sample "Resourcing Talent"

Download file to see previous pages Workforce talent planning is the process to ensure that organization has suitable access to the talent of the organization to ensure future business success. Talent planning through internal sources is preferred because the employees of the organization are equipped with better knowledge about the environment of the organization and consequently, easily fit in the organization. The internal factors that effect talent planning are image of the organization and the job. The good image of the organization can help to attract potential and hard working employees. Managerial actions like goods public relations, rendering public service like building schools, hospitals, roads to develop image and goodwill for the organization. Better payment and working conditions are considered as the characteristics of good image for the job. Promotion carrier development policies can also attract the talented and potential candidates.
Labor market and competitors are some of the external factors that have much influence on the talent planning of workforce in the organization. Labor market condition that is supply and demand of skillful and talented employees is of much importance. For example, if supply of talented employee is more than its demand then it is easy for the organization to have best employees for their jobs. Likewise, the workforce talent planning policies of the competitors also affect the policies of the organisations. If the recruitment policies of competitors became successful to attract potential employees then we have to change our policies according to the policies of the competitors.
The recruitment and selection of right people for right job is of much importance for the success of the organization. According to the Equality Law, 2010, our organization has the responsibility to monitor the recruitment processes that should not be discriminatory. The equal opportunity policy in the recruitment, selection, training, appraisal, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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