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This research study, Talent Management Strategy, outlines that man has been created on the best of patterns amongst the living beings known so far. Every individual is a respective personality in his own self and possesses a talent specific to him only. …
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Talent Management Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages According to the report often it is observed that corporate environments are more goal specific and outcome oriented. It should however not be neglected that the path to the accomplishment of the aspired goals is the actual key to success. Treading this path with insight and taking care of all the factors that emerge within it gives organizations a smooth sailing to the target location.

From this study it is clear that organizations term the recruiting and handling of talented individuals as the most challenging task for an organizational setup. The better the employees of an organization get suited to the structural needs of the setup, the better it is for the growth of that particular corporate environment. This adoption and integration is often termed as talent management. “A major contributor is obviously your employees. Aligning the organization’s business strategy with its workforce is called talent management, and it involves aligning the right person with the right role with the right tools.” It is imperative that a specific approach should be adopted that would safeguard the needs of talented employees and would also harness their talents for the progressiveness of the organizational setup as a whole. Following discussion narrates a few strategically inevitable steps that may be termed as components of the talent management strategy. It is essentially the first ever step in the making of any organizational set up that the organizational goals and strategy should be developed....
The progressive execution of these components assists the organization in treading towards leading endeavors. Figure 1 is a graphical representation of the Talent Management Strategy. Figure 1: Integrated Approach to Talent Management Strategy. ( Accenture Seven Imperatives for Achieving Dynamic Supply Chains. Copyright © 2011 ) Planning Employee Assignments Strategically It is essentially the first ever step in the making of any organizational set up that the organizational goals and strategy should be developed. Employees who possess just the right talent for the organizational goals and the positions where there integration would be suited best should be identified. The identifications of the roles and individuals may reveal the need for the induction of more talented individuals with respect to the emerging needs. And in order to cover any gaps that may be present in the current setup. Harnessing Talent The identification, polishing and rightful embedding of the talent existing within an organization is a very peculiar task indeed. If deficient in the required skills, talent hunt may need to be generated in order to bring in individuals that possess just the required talents. Sometimes the talent within the existing employees may be overshadowed by the tasks that they are presently assigned with. It is therefore recommended that the talent hunt should be done both within and outside the parent organization. Managing Performances The key concern of revolutionizing talent management with respect to every individual organization is that the employees’ performances should be managed in line with the strategy of the organization itself. Employees’ Motivation, Career ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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