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Physical Security Clients Assessment (Criminal Justice) - Essay Example

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Physical security refers to the physical measures undertaken to safeguard personnel, protect material from unauthorized access and protect against theft, damage and sabotage (Fennelly, 2004). It entails more than the external security. As attainment of absolute security would be…
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Physical Security Clients Assessment (Criminal Justice)
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Extract of sample "Physical Security Clients Assessment (Criminal Justice)"

Download file to see previous pages insecurity present most intense effects of floods, earthquakes and volcanoes among others just as those that are man-made including civil disturbances, industrial accidents and sabotage. Security forces and those installing security devices therefore need to be armed with adequate skills through vulnerability tests, training and supervision.
With the increase in buildings, security and safety become paramount. There are varied risks associated with buildings including disorder, emergencies and crime. The crimes that could be committed in contravention to building security include theft and burglary, property damage including sabotage and graffiti, personal offenses such as elevator assaults, public order offences such as angry interchanges with receptionists and unauthorized access to utilities that could lead to commercial espionage. Disorders encompass behavioral issues such as drug dealing and hostage taking in buildings (Challinger, 2008).
Fennelly acknowledges the importance of “territorial defense strategies” as a way to prevent property related crimes including household larceny, auto theft and break-ins (2004, p.5). The related strategy areas in this case include construction standards, building interior security, building perimeter security and building grounds security. Grounds security would protect against unauthorized entry into sites and inhibits destructive behavior by visitors. Construction standards ensure that the materials and techniques used in construction minimize safety hazards and crimes. Interior security provides a third line of defense by use of physical barriers and surveillance to prevent unauthorized access and ensure security of occupants.
Reese and Tong (2010) point out the physical security of federal buildings and include assets of physical security such as closed-circuit television cameras, safety guards and barrier material. Since the September 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, there have been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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