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Program planning (Health Education) >>>>.Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Gay Men In New York - Essay Example

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The agency offers its medical services in collaboration with the community residents, the business community, and the other groups. It is a…
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Program planning (Health Education) >>>>.Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Gay Men In New York
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Extract of sample "Program planning (Health Education) >>>>.Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Gay Men In New York"

Download file to see previous pages hotherapy facility that has qualified and certified mental health workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, clinical services facilities, Island Rehabilitation dialysis facilities, MediSys Family Care Centers and the Trump pavilion facility (Henry, 2009).
JHMC offers a range of services to its patients and the wider community. Under the patient services, food services are offered by the Medical center, which are delicious and healthy. A range of food stuffs are prepared to fit the diverse nature of the people visiting its facilities (Henry, 2009). Patients are provided with pastoral care services from the Medical Center, which may range from spiritual counseling, family visits, and spiritual related literatures. It has a food and nutrition department that provides patients with outpatient food and nutritional services. The staffs of this department help the patients and the community members understand healthy dietary habits, as well as physical and mental fitness issues (Henry, 2009). There is also the provision of pharmacy services, where the qualified and certified pharmacists provide patients with drugs and medication information necessary for their conditions. Other services such as chemotherapy and nutrition diagnosis are also provided to patients by the pharmacists. The Medical Center also has the social work department that provides patients with any assistance during their stay at the hospital. The staffs from this department are also responsible for making necessary discharge arrangements for the patients (Henry, 2009).
The Medical Center also provides its patients with clinical services, which include primary and specialty care provided by the department of ambulatory care, anesthesia, dental and nursing services to the patients. Early intervention programs are offered by the hospital, to children under the age of three years suspected to have developmental problems. The hospital has an Emergency medicine department that responds to the emergencies of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Program Planning (Health Education) >>>>.Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Essay.
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