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African American Teenagers with HIV/AIDS - Essay Example

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The HIV and AIDS pandemic has claimed the lives of many individuals all over the world.Studies indicate that this virus cannot survive in air.AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV; in this stage, HIV is fully developed causing several infections within the human body. …
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African American Teenagers with HIV/AIDS
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Download file to see previous pages The HIV and AIDS pandemic has claimed the lives of many individuals all over the world. Studies indicate that this virus cannot survive in air. AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV; in this stage HIV is fully developed causing several infections within the human body. HIV/AIDS renders the body prone to infections that result from the immune system being damaged. Efforts have been established by doctors for several years, though; they have not established any remedy to cure AIDS. The main modes of transmissions of HIV/AIDS are having unprotected sex with infected individuals, transfusion of contaminated blood, transfusion of contaminated semen, from an infected mother to her baby, breastfeeding, sharing unsterilized equipments. This essay shall highlight the issue of HIV/AIDS prevalence among the African Americans. 2.0. Concern about the health disparity  Due to the adverse effects of HIV/ AIDS, this topic has been the subject of discussion by several scientists for over twenty years. Most of these doctors are still trying to explain the origin of the diseases. HIV disparities still among the youths, blacks made up of 51% of all new HIV diagnoses, between 2003-2005 though, among the blacks youth age 13-24 years accounted for 61%. African American women are also severely affected compared to the whites, and African American men continue to bear the highest rate of HIV infection (National Institutes of Health, 2010). Besides this topic being of concern to the doctors, all the stakeholders of the community-parents, guardians, politicians- have been seen over the years to take part in the campaign against eradication of the disease in the society. In fact, the efforts to champion against HIV/AIDS in the society have been taken up by all people selflessly. This is an indication of how the issue has not only been distressing but devastating to the lives of many people. 3.0. Evidence for the disparity Statistics from the global summary of HIV epidemic indicate that there are about 33.3 million people living with HIV in the world today. In the United States of America, 1.1 million people have been recorded living with HIV. About 21% of these people are not a ware of their status. In America about 56,300 people are infected with the virus in a year and the African America are more affected that the rest of the citizens. Research conducted in this field indicates that about 18,000 people die of AIDS every year (CDC report, 2009). CDC conducted a survey on 36 states in the US and the study found that, about half of the 46% of the people living with HIV most of them were African Americans. It states that the first incidence of AIDs among the African American was found among the gay men and drug abusers. Over the years, the blacks’ rate of infections remains constant, though they still represent the highest number of people infected with HIV (CDC report, 2009). The rate of infection increased in 2006, where more African American people got infected with the HIV than the white people in US. The CDC report indicated that, 18,328 African Americans were diagnosed with AIDS, and this figure has remained constant. The disease has led to many deaths among the African America since the early 1990s (CDC report, 2009). Within the country, it was recorded that more than 23000 African American died of AIDS. Most of these people are women, heterosexuals, injection drug users, and children. The increase in the rate of death among these people is mainly because of lack of knowledge and awareness within the black communities. Some research indicated that young black men are at the risk of contracting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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