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A Part of My Life - Essay Example

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In this paper, the author tells about herself as a member of the community. And being a member of this community, she has different roles and responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities differ according to the various social identities that she has…
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A Part of My Life
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Extract of sample "A Part of My Life"

A Part of My Life I am a member of my community. And being a member of this community, I have different roles and responsibilities. These roles and responsibilities differ according to the various social identities that I have. These social identities are our connection to other groups (Deaux, 12). These social identities build our social connections, and our social connections build our social identities. Because of our social identities and social connections, we come to a shared experience with other people of the same group, whether or not we know them personally. I am a mother, a daughter, a grandparent and a granddaughter. I am a mother of my kids. I am a daughter to my mother. I am a grandparent to my grandchildren. And I am a granddaughter to my grandparents. We are someone to somebody and this is our relationship identity (Deaux, 12). I am a teacher, a special education teacher. This is my occupational identity. Occupational identities are tied to a generic group (Deaux, 13). In my case, my occupational identity ties me with the generic group of teacher. And so I am a teacher. I am a woman. And this is my gender identity, an ascribed social identity. Ascribed identities are given at birth (Deaux,13). And because I have female organs, I am a woman. And with all of my identities, the most important thing is that I know who I am. I am me. I am someone who loves her children and her family. I am part of my community, I am a part of my life. I create my identity based on my beliefs and I am me because of who I wanted me to be.
And by studying diversity, I aim to understand how these social identities form the different identities of special children, how this impacts their learning and how the differences between social identities impact their relationship and interaction with me and each other. With this, I will be able to connect with my students better, I will be able to apply appropriate teaching techniques to better educate them and I will be able to adapt better with their perception of themselves.
Works Cited
Deaux, K. Social Identity. NY: University of New York. Read More
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