Biracial Idenity Development - Coursework Example

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This follows the end of racism and globalization that has been evidenced over the past decades (Hud-Aleem & Countryman, 2008). Because of this, many people are undergoing biracial identity development in…
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Biracial Idenity Development
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Biracial identity development Today, a large number of the US population comprises of biracial people. This follows the end of racism and globalization that has been evidenced over the past decades (Hud-Aleem & Countryman, 2008). Because of this, many people are undergoing biracial identity development in the course of their lives without knowing the limits or the boundaries of life. Hence, they are different from the monoracial who are parented from the same race. However, it is vital to recognize the importance of viewing biracial as different from monoracial identity development. This is because the two have different mental and social problems that they encounter in the process of identifying themselves with a certain race.
Biracial identity development is different from the monoracial identity development because such people are undergoing an identity crisis of race because they do not know where they belong. This puts them in a dilemma because they neither belong to the race of the father nor the mother (Yancey & Lewis, 2013). It takes them a longer time to identify with a certain race that is a problem to them. On the other hand, monoracial individuals do not experience such problems because they have an identity in terms of race (Hud-Aleem & Countryman, 2008).
Moreover, biracial people sometimes feel discriminated because they are unable to identify with a certain race. This becomes a problem and makes them different from the monoracial community where people have a common identity because of their lineage (Bracey & Umana-Taylor, 2004). Therefore, some become ashamed and sometimes experience mental problems as they try to identify or develop their identity.
A follow-up question: How can we minimize biracial identity development in the class or school environment?
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