Ethnic and Racial Identity in Adolescence - Book Report/Review Example

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(2013). Racial Identity From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Does Prior Neighborhood Experience Matter?. Child Development, 84(6), 1918-1932. doi:10.1111/cdev.12095
The study seeks to investigate whether the prior influences of developmental…
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Ethnic and Racial Identity in Adolescence
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Article analysis affiliation Article reference Rivas-Drake, D., & Witherspoon, D. . Racial Identity From Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Does Prior Neighborhood Experience Matter?. Child Development, 84(6), 1918-1932. doi:10.1111/cdev.12095
Study purpose
The study seeks to investigate whether the prior influences of developmental neighbourhood are fundamental in establishing the racial identity of the youths. The researcher stands on the fact that there is an escalation in concern of racial aspect. It tends to influence diverse aspects of the youths and adolescents such as education, psychological wellbeing, health and eventual life achievements. The research specifically examines how positive neighbourhood influences early adolescence and later life stages.
Study participants and settings
The participants were African American families, who were close participants of Maryland Adolescent Development in Context Study. The African American youths were the study main subjects. The study consideration factors include safety of the neighbourhood, information accessibility, cohesiveness and trust levels among the neighbours.
Study findings or results
Data analysis resulted to the formation of five main types of neighbourhood having great effects in the adolescents’ life. The two main types were low controlled interaction and low safety neighbourhoods. The author posits that low controlled interaction results to low incidences of informal socialization, security is intense, but the trust and cohesion levels are low. Further, positive relationship neighbourhood possess diverse advantages despite the many risks. The strengths of such a neighbourhood scale up despite the risks in the neighbourhood. The two types of neighbourhood are a clear illustration of the existence of factors that may have influence on the youth’s racial growth and developmental ideologies. Other minor neighbourhoods were anomic, integral and stepping-stone.
Discussion/ major contribution
The aspect of racial identity was detrimental among the youths as they transit to adulthood. Positive community dynamics plays an integral role in racial identity among adolescents. The results are a keen illustration of a positive development and contribution of neighbourhoods to youths’ growth. The research also suggests further research in analysis of further indictors and dynamics likely to affect the adolescents.
Major vital information
The author brings up vital information concerning the five types of neighbourhood, and the level of implication it has on the youths. Most significantly, the research focuses on four variables crucial in the research. The four variables are safety, cohesion and trust, informal social control and resource availability. Read More
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