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Psychological Stress and Depression and its Treatment - Essay Example

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The reporter states that David being the 1st generation Korean American student is facing serious psychological stress and depression. Though he was a student with an excellent track record in his previous educational programs, he is presently facing a serious challenge in both health as well as his grades…
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Psychological Stress and Depression and its Treatment
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Download file to see previous pages Students with emotional disturbance frequently require services from counseling that apply different eligibility criteria. The teenagers of the age of David are quite diverse in terms of their needs and strengths. The students present with a complex range of disabilities, from conduct disorder to schizophrenia.
Counseling centers in the school campuses endeavor to support the personal and professional growth of students. It is the responsibility of counseling centers to support as many students as possible by facilitating the mental health with the resources available to them. Many counseling centers are multifaceted, offering students direct services, personal, career, and group counseling, and broader outreach programming and consultation. Counselors in the schools work individually and with other educators to meet the developmental needs of students, including those with special needs or learning disabilities. This program should focus on the academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs of students, including those with special needs as the case of David.
Young people like David with high academic ability who excel during their elementary and secondary school years are not necessarily guaranteed similar success in their higher studies, especially when they migrate from their hometown to different places for studies. The transitions academically and socially from school to high school and college are well recognized, but these challenges may seem even more daunting for students who represent the first to pursue higher education from their immediate families. Although the theoretical literature offers several explanations related to underachievement concerns in gifted school-aged students, limited research exists pertaining directly to gifted young people of college age. In addition, issues such as immaturity, self-esteem, unrealistic academic expectations, and inherent learning difficulties have been examined by various researchers for their contribution to academic problems among otherwise talented students (Richard, 2002). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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