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Answer the questions about HRD-394: Occupational Liability&Safety class - Assignment Example

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Adult learners have specific needs. Which one of the below statements is NOT an adult learners need. Answer. a. Adults need to know why they are learning; b. Adults want to learn things that will make them more effective; c. Adults have experiences that they apply to…
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Answer the questions about HRD-394: Occupational Liability&Safety class
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Extract of sample "Answer the questions about HRD-394: Occupational Liability&Safety class"

Running head: Occupational Liability and Safety Occupational Liability and Safety 29th February
Question 1. The General Duty Clause is used to site employers when hazards are identified that are not covered by other regulations
Answer. True
Question 2. Define hazardous chemicals?
Answer. Hazardous chemicals are substances that can harm human beings, environment as well as property. The chemicals can be in the form of gases, liquids or solids.
Question3.-More than ____________ employees are exposed to chemical hazards
Answer. 32 million
Question 4. The first phase of performance based training is _________.
Answer. Planning
Question 5. Demonstrations are the most commonly used training method.
Answer. True
Question 6. A __________________ is an important analyzing tool that finds hazards and then minimizes or eliminates them before the job is performed or has a chance to cause an injury.
Answer. Job hazard analysis
Question 7. The purpose of Safety Observations is to: (which one) a. Determine business strategies; b. Determine if job training was effective; c. Report incidents to OSHA; d. None of the above
Answer. Report incidents to OSHA
Question 8. Adult learners have specific needs. Which one of the below statements is NOT an adult learners need. Answer. a. Adults need to know why they are learning; b. Adults want to learn things that will make them more effective; c. Adults have experiences that they apply to all new learning; d. Adults need to complete evaluations after each training session.
Answer C. Adults have experiences that they apply to all new learning
Question 9. The primary goal of any safety management system is to eliminate or control recognized hazards to attain an acceptable level of risk.
Answer. True
Question 10. Involving employees in a safety program requires: Answer a. Management commitment; b. Individual training; c. Recognition, reinforcement and rewards; d. All of the above
Answer. All of the above
Question11.The purpose of a Safety & Health program and promotion is to correct, identify, and prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses.
Answer. True
Question 12. The log to record injuries and illnesses is called the accident log book 500.
Answer. True
Question 13. Acceptable noise levels are below 90 dBA.
Answer. True
Question 14. Safety issues can only be corrected by training.
Answer. True
Question 15. The „domino theory” of accident prevention is that accidents can be prevented by: Answer a. more management commitment; b. training staff to follow the rules; c. removing the central or critical factor; d. requiring staff to wear personal protective equipment
Answer. C. Removing the central or critical factor
Question 16. Hazards from solvents such as nitrogen dioxide and phosgene are ___________,________ , and________________ .
Answer. Asphyxiation and toxicity
Question 17. Lost earning power is an example of
Answer a. Hidden costs
Question 18. Role playing is what type of training?
Answer a. Group method
Question 19. _______________is a serious disorder that includes symptoms like hot, dry skin, high temperatures, and can be fatal if not treated
Answer. Heat rash
Question 20. Name five factors that affect safety?
Answer. Expectations, Communication, Innovation, Organization and Appreciation
Question 21. What is the ABCD of objective writing?
Answer. ABCD is a model of writing objectives that covers four major elements which include Audience, Behavior, Condition and Degree (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, 2010).
Question 22. What protective gear will lower the effects of noise exposure?
Answer. Ear mask
Question 23. The__________________________was established in 1913 for the purpose of research for and information on safety.
Answer. National Safety Council
Question 24. For an incident to be a recordable event to OSHA, it must be_________ ,________ and_____________________________
Answer. Listed in the firms safety file, an injury or illness and the injury must be related to work.
Question 25. Safety and Health Programs and Promotions should only use negative reinforcement to ensure employees are doing what they are told.
Answer. True
Question 26. Safety & Heath Committee meetings should include no more than ______ ideas to be successful.
Answer. Two
Question 27. Confined spaces are hazardous because of the toxic gases that can oftentimes form and cause oxygen deficiencies.
Answer. True
Question 28. Which one of the OSHA standards listed below requires written plans? Answer a. Hazard Communication; b. Powered Industrial Trucks; c. Walking-Working Surfaces; d. Lockout/Ragout
Answer. Hazard Communication
Question 29. The benefits of a Job Safety Analysis are: Answer a. Giving individualized training in a safe effective procedure; b. Making employee safety contacts;
c. Instructing a new person on the job; d. All of the above
Answer. d. All of the above
Question 30. Name three employee involvement tools?
Answer. Direct communication, upward problem solving and representative participation.
Question 31. There are 5 steps for influencing individual change. Briefly name them.
Answer. The five steps for influencing individual change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.
Question 32. Biotechnology is the phase of engineering focused on reducing operator discomfort and fatigue.
Answer. True
Question 33. OSHA stands for: Answer 1-Occupational Safety & Health Administration; 2-Ongoing Safety & Hazard Administration; 3-Occupational Safety and Hazard Activities; 4-Oversight of Safety &Health Activities
Answer. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Feldman, 2011),
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety. (2010). Available from
Feldman, J. (2011). OSHA inaction. Public Citizen. Retrieved 2012-02-29 Read More
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