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To what extent should there be employee voice within the workplace and organisations - Essay Example

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In this process, the employees and their opinion tend to influence the decision taken by the management of any organization. According to Marsden (2009:2), employee voice is the…
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To what extent should there be employee voice within the workplace and organisations
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Extract of sample "To what extent should there be employee voice within the workplace and organisations"

Download file to see previous pages Employee voice also helps the organizations to increase the overall performance level giving importance to the employees and creating an atmosphere where the employees can feel at home. It also helps to increase productivity and the quality of the products for a particular organization, as the higher authority appraises their employees and engage them to evaluate their performance (Marsden, 2009).
Hereby, the prime objective of this study is to highlight the employee voice and its importance in today’s world. This paper would also include the present scenario of employee voice and how it is beneficial to the workplace of various organizations from an in depth view with illustrations.
Employee voice is the practice where the employees or the workers have their right to put their opinions and to take part in certain decision-making activities. Employee voice includes employee’s behavior, attitudes, interests and openness among others. It helps an organization to be more stable and constructive which, in turn, leads to the overall development in the organizational productivity. It is worth mentioning in this context that employee voice is the process which enhances the performance of the employees to a specific extent. The employee voice not only includes all the employees, but also involves the various stakeholders related to the organization to effectively improve and manage the arrangements which already exist in the internal business environment. In other words, employee voice is the practice which satisfies the employee needs and assists an organization to implement various strategies with the help of opinions and viewpoints of the employees and managers. In the present scenario, employee voice has become an integral role or part of the strategic improvement process implemented in organizations to enhance the quality of work and also to improve the relationship among the workers (Holley et al., ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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