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The body is dorso-ventrally flattened, like a leaf, demonstrating bilateral symmetry, and has tissues ordered into organs. Bilateral symmetry of the body creates mirror…
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Kingdom animalia phylum platyhelminthes
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Your full February 26, Kingdom Animalia: Phylum Platyhelminthes The Platyhelminthes consist of free-living flatworms such as planarians, flukes and the parasitic tapeworms. The body is dorso-ventrally flattened, like a leaf, demonstrating bilateral symmetry, and has tissues ordered into organs. Bilateral symmetry of the body creates mirror images of left and right halves of the body because of one plane passing through its longitudinal axis. It has a distinct head (cephalization) with which it scrutinizes its environment. The head is where the amassing of nervous tissue and sensory structures takes place. Platyhelminthes are known for organ level of organization, highlighting three main sets of organs: The excretory system, the nervous system, and the digestive tract. The excretory system is made up of flame cells and ducts. The nervous system includes a pair of anterior ganglia with two nerve cords, interlinked by transverse nerves, going through the whole length of the creature. These nerve cords form a ladder-like structure. The digestive tract is branched and does not have an anus, hence it is incomplete. Platyhelminthes are triloblastic because of the three germ layers called ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. The ectoderm is the base of the outer epithelium. The endoderm becomes the lining of the gut tract. The mesoderm is the tissue between the ectoderm and the endoderm. Mesoderm consists of muscle and undifferentiated cells called parenchyma. Platyhelminthes are also called acoelomate because there is no body cavity between any of the three germ layers. Platyhelminthes are further divided into three classes: Class Turbellaria (flatworms); Class Trematoda (flukes); and Class Cestoda (tapeworms). Read More
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Kingdom Animalia Phylum Platyhelminthes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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