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The Kingdoms of Organisms - Essay Example

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Life started off on the planet with simplest form and gradually with evolution and passage of time new species derived from these simple forms, creating more than 1.8 million species of various kinds. Based on resemblances or variations of characteristics, species are classified…
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The Kingdoms of Organisms
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"The Kingdoms of Organisms"

Download file to see previous pages In this classification viruses, the connecting link between the living and the non-living world are not included. The Linnaean system includes-
This kingdom includes prokaryotes, organisms with primitive form of nucleus as the nucleus does not possess any defined nuclear membrane. The organisms are single-celled and absorb nutrition through their cell wall.
E.g. Bacteria, Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae (popularly called as BGA, are prokaryotes and are connecting link between chlorophyll containing algae and bacteria) and spirochetes, the spiral single cellular organisms.
Lately, the kingdom is further divided into two categories, Eubacteria or true bacteria and Archebacteria or bacteria like organisms capable of surviving in extreme environmental conditions like hot springs and volcanic expels.
This kingdom includes eukaryotes (Organisms with well defined nucleus, nuclear membrane and membrane bound cellular organelles are present). The organisms belonging to this category are single celled and are neither plants nor animals as they are diverse forms and need a separate group in the classification. Some of the organisms belonging to this category possess chlorophyll and therefore like plants, they can produce their own nutrition, while others procure nutrition by means of absorption and ingestion processes.
This group includes organisms that possess many cells and are called multicellular organisms. They are non-motile and their structure encompass hyphae and mycelium. These organisms do not possess chlorophyll and are dissimilar to plants. This group includes organisms of diverse size from microscopic yeast cells to large mushrooms. Fungi derive their nutrition by means of absorption. They proliferate on the dead as well as decaying organic matter and procure nutrition.
This kingdom includes multicellular organisms, with well defined nucleus, enclosed by nuclear membrane and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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