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In what ways has the fashion blog changed fashion journalism - Essay Example

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Burton (2005) says that fashion journalism refers to fashion media which is published in print or electronic form and communicated to the audience to meet the desires of the fashion creators and communicators. Fashion journalism has many stakeholders who include the writers of…
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In what ways has the fashion blog changed fashion journalism
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Extract of sample "In what ways has the fashion blog changed fashion journalism"

Download file to see previous pages The contemporary society which is characterized by the application of information and communication technology in various economic, social and political activities has found increasing use of the internet in the communication of fashion. The advent of the internet has contributed greatly to fashion journalism as facilitated by fashion blogs and websites. This paper gives a critical analysis and discussion of fashion journalism in relation to the fashion blog and how it has transformed fashion journalism.
Traditionally fashion journalism involved the presentation of fashion designs by writer and publishers in books. Magazines and newspaper were also common print forms of fashion journalism. Craik (1997) points out that with the advent of computer and their application in communication via the innovative internet application, fashion websites and blogs have become the most common media through which fashion journalism is being perpetuated and communicated to the audience. Magazines and newspapers are also significantly used in the modern fashion journalism to communicate images and messages on fashion. However the internet is the most preferred media for fashion journalism. Blood (2002) explains that fashion blogs are preferred in fashion journalism because of their effectiveness in passing information on fashion to the audience. Additionally, fashion blogs provide a means through which fashion writers and producers would reach a great audience. This is because of the nature of the internet in providing global reach for information on fashion.
With the evolution of fashion journalism, its production has also changed significantly over the years. Independent Fashion Bloggers (2012) demonstrate that the traditional production of fashion images and messages by writer involved writing of scripts on fashion which were published through long processes of book production. The production of fashion images involved black and white images which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In What Ways Has the Fashion Blog Changed Fashion Journalism Essay.
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