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News is a fast moving commodity generically. Even if the media is removed from the scene, news travels pretty quickly through word of mouth and through the interaction of people if it is worthy enough. But the role of media has changed the whole scenario. Global news, of any kind, travels at the speed of light, across the whole world, for every sort of recipient to receive and understand…
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Global Media
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Download file to see previous pages If we break down the word N.E.W.S., we get North East West South. This disambiguation of the word news gives us insight into what constitutes news. News is happening all around us. As noted by Jaap Van Ginneken (Understanding Global News), news portrays any information that is new or pertains to events that are current in nature. Whether we look at the local front or take a wider angle of the whole globe, news is getting created by the minute from every corner of the world. Getting this news across to people is important as they are in search of latest happenings and what is affecting their state, city, country or the whole world. All cultures and societies, whether they are literate or not, have this inborn thirst for news, for the happenings, for what is latest. The happenings in the lives of others are important for people as it educates as well as entertains them in a way. This yearning for receiving and being up-to-date with news has increased with the shrinking of the world as a global village. This is where the media enters. Media, in pure English language, is a carrier of something. Industries which are engaged in producing news or any sort of content for the masses is generally called media. For this reason, media plays a very significant role by transmitting news from absolutely every nook and corner of the world to everyone who has the reach of print, broadcast, Internet or word of mouth. Yes, media can reach out to every single person through various ways and methods. There are many channels of the media through which it communicates. Therefore, global news takes no longer than seconds to reach its viewers, listeners and prospective analysts.
In what is significantly a very powerful book, Ciaran McCullagh (Media Power) tells us that news making is a type of journalism. It is a type of art where the news producers learn how to reproduce the news that they have received in a manner and way in which it is most useful and readable for the people who intake that news. Journalists are taught to produce news in a standardized "news style".
Any news is initially produced and investigated by journalists. But after that, it can be distributed to various outlets through news agencies. What is a news agency We will come to that later. For now, we want to explore the word "news" a little more. Normally, any news content must contain the following 5 Ws for it to be complete. The 5 Ws are who, what, when, where, why and also how. Every event has a certain answer to the above mentioned 5 Ws. There should be no ambiguity or questions remaining.
Moreover, most importantly, it is expected out of the person who is writing the report or the journalist that he/she maintains objectivity. It is crucial so that all aspects and side of the story can be covered and that no biases or prejudice should come in while writing and presenting the news. Giving personal opinions and point of views is the job of analysts and commentators. It is for the betterment of the whole world in general that global news are kept away from such biases as people around the world already have pre conceived notions about each other. Biased news can further increase and deteriorate the reputation of certain communities, societies and people in the eyes of all.

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