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Surviving A Nuclear Attack - Essay Example

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The steps will be divided into two categories which include steps before and after an attack respectively. Moreover, the paper takes two fundamental situations in question, the…
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Surviving A Nuclear Attack
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Extract of sample "Surviving A Nuclear Attack"

Download file to see previous pages The very first assumption to take is that the individuals concerned are at least five miles away from the point of attack or explosion. This is because there is just no possible survival possible for anyone who is closer than the above mentioned distance. The second assumption is that the people are aware of the political scenario of the world including the current affairs. This is because, if the people are not updated regarding their surroundings, chances are that they will not following most of the steps shown below. The second assumption will be catered to afterwards.
However unlikely this may sound, but people must make some prior arrangements for a nuclear attack (Bruno, 2010). This rational may not sound logical without the above mentioned assumption. This step is only possible if the government takes strong initiatives when the international environment is viable for a nuclear attack (Evans, 1980).The government must educate the people about the effects of the nuclear reactions and the radioactivity, thus ensuring that the people are planning ahead about a possible attack. The logic is that when the people will be warned and informed about the danger and the level of threat, then only the people can and will think about planning for their survival.
Once it is clear that the people are planning for the survival techniques then the next step originates, which is, what are the measures? The answer to this question will give the details about the primary topic. The first part of the planning requires the people to make some basic changes to the structure of their houses. It should be clear that the surviving techniques apply only to those who have survived the initial explosion as mentioned earlier. The best advice for anyone is to stay in his or her house because an open space is the last place to be in a nuclear attack (Roberts). Now, when it is clear that people do need to make changes to their buildings, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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