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Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses September 11th terrorist attack which played a significant role in changing the foreign policy of the American government. It is after these attacks, that the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. Terror attacks would cause emotional instability and pain…
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA"

Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA
September 11th terrorist attack played a significant role in changing the foreign policy of the American government (Harrington, 2014). It is after these attacks, that the United States invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. The Taliban, an Afghanistan regime was responsible for providing support to Al Qaeda, the terrorist group accused of carrying out the attack. The government of Iraq came under an accusation that it was making nuclear weapons. However, the government of United States was proved wrong because they did not find any such weapons. Thousands of American citizens died during this terror attack on an American soil. However, there were survivors, and an example is Leaky Behrman (Harrington, 2014). During this attack, she spent most of the time helping in rescue efforts, despite being one of the victims. She recently came to our University and gave a lecture on her experiences during this time.
One of the lessons from this lecture is that the surviving victims of the terror attack were emotionally affected by the events. For example, Behrman argues that the first ten years were very painful to her. This is because she had sad memories of the attacks, which were brought forth with memories of death and injuries. During this period of time, Behrman argues that she was able to reflect on the events, and as each year passed, she was able to heal. However, it took a long period of time, before she was able to acknowledge that this event was a tragedy. From these arguments, I was able to learn that terrorism has a very negative consequence.
Terror attacks would cause emotional instability, and pain. People suffering from these conditions normally take a long period of time to heal. For example, since the September 11th attacks, the American civilian population has not healed. This is because Americans are still vulnerable to terror groups, which are natured by Al-Qaeda, a major terror organization that America was fighting. These groups include Al-Shabaab in Somalia, and ISIS, in Middle-East. ISIS is accused of carrying out barbaric attacks against Americans, and this includes the beheading of James Foley (Glenza, 2014). Such kind of attacks has made Americans to feel insecure, since they are vulnerable to terror attacks. This is the reason why the president declared war on ISIS, the terror group. It is important to denote that ISIS is an affiliate of Al-Qaeda, a terror group that America has spent over the last ten years fighting.
In conclusion, this event was very beneficial to me. This is because I learnt about the effects of terror and terrorism, from an individual who experienced the traumatizing events of September 11th attacks. Most stories we read about this attacks, emanates from secondary sources. These are newspaper editorials, and television news that highlight these events. Most of these journalists did not experience the event, and the information they provide is from another person’s perception or perspective. Based on these facts, chances are high that there may be some fabrication or mis-representation of the events by the journalist under consideration.

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(Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Analysis of Terror Attack in the USA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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