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Running Head: CHINA AS A NUCLEAR POWER China as a Nuclear Power [Institution name] China as a Nuclear Power Introduction The People’s Republic of China has been an emerging nuclear power since its first nuclear explosion conducted in October of 1964…
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Research paper - international relations
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Download file to see previous pages Because China’s nuclear modernization program is expected to continue, its second-generation nuclear force will be deployed over the next 10-15 years as a more mobile, reliable and accurate force then it currently is. (Keylor, 2001) These nuclear achievements in the PRC continue to cause great anxiety within the international system. This is particularly because uncertainty exists about China’s nuclear capabilities and strategic intentions. However, it will be proven that although many factors support China’s nuclear capabilities as posing a threat to the international system, the PRC does not to intend to harm the world, as it is relatively a small nuclear power with rational security concerns ands sound interests in maintaining world peace . Deterrence against China’s Principle Enemy As a result of its unpleasant history, the Chinese have especially viewed its principal enemy, the United States with suspicion. The United States has and continues to threaten the mainland on many counts. During and after the Korean War the U.S. threatened to use nuclear weapons against China. Washington had actually deployed nuclear-armed B-29 bombers to Guam in 1951 for possible use against the PRC. (Leo, 2002) Again, in 1954-55 Beijing was threatened by the use of possible nuclear weapons by the U.S. over the off shore islands of Quemoy and Matsu held by Taiwan. Apparently, the “nuclear card” held by the United States incessantly reinforced its superpower leverage during times of crisis. (Garwin, and. Panofsk, 1998) Thus it was necessary for China to become a nuclear power in order to not only prevent constant “interference” or “nuclear bullying” by the United States, but also to forever guarantee national independence. As a result, since the mid-1950s, China has strived to develop a modest nuclear force to satisfy the following objectives,” secure a retaliatory capability in case of nuclear war; deter superpower or other outside aggression; demonstrate China’s international power and reinforce her pride . Establish Hegemony in Far East Asia By attaining nuclear weapons, China’s ability to establish hegemony in Asia would increase, as it also becomes a great power in the modern world. Because the Chinese government has been influenced by the inheritance of a “mandate from heaven,” the PRC already considers herself to be at the center of the world. Now that China has attained nuclear capabilities, she can make implicit threats of military action against her neighbors as she establishes hegemony in her orbit in the Far East (Halperin, 1965). Protecting China from Foreign Intervention The People’s Republic of China’s goal is to protect her territorial integrity and political independence in the face of foreign encroachments and domestic disorder. Both Communist and Non-Communist China especially agree to maintain and preserve China’s sovereignty in the outlying regions of Sinkiang, Tibet and in particular Taiwan because they have become major targets of foreign encroachment during the present nuclear age. For example, Russia had once attempted to gain Sinkiang, while Great Britain and India jointly brought Tibet under their influence. Moreover, presently, China suspects that Washington and Japan together plan to establish “two Chinas” or “one China and one Taiwan” threatening to menace PRC’s integrity, and bringing insult to Chinese national pride. Two Attempts at Nuclear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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