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Terrorist Attack On World Trade Center - Essay Example

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Following the September 11, 2001 terror attacks at the World Trade Center in the US, various outcomes were observed regarding the health of the survivors. To the survivors of the attacks, various health issues are associated with the events. In this case, this synthesis essay…
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Terrorist Attack On World Trade Center
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Extract of sample "Terrorist Attack On World Trade Center"

Download file to see previous pages From mental health issues to psychic episodes, the result and impact of the terror attacks on survivors is far beyond physical and tend to have changed the lives of various victims of the blasts.
In theory and practice, it is not expected that an event will affect everyone at the same scale. Following this fact, the victims who lost their lives, who were injured, those hospitalized, and those who took their lives after losing a family member or a friend. The psychic episodes and mental instability of the survivors is covered by different authors from different perspectives. While the argument of some authors reflect on the expected, diagnosed, and standard effects of traumatic events, others show that there is no explicit connection between expected traumatic patients and increased consumption of corresponding drugs.
Digrande et al. (271-281) and Ghunman et al. (491) focus on the psychological effects of the terror attacks. Both publications emphasize on the aspect of trauma after the event occurred. This means that that the two publications undertake the same course in analyzing the effects of the events. Digrande et al. (271-281) explain that the number of people affected negatively by the attacks include some 3,271 civilians, whom 95.6% were diagnosed and observed to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. On the other hand, Ghunman et al. (491) identify that about 34.2% of the surviving victims suffer from unmet mental health issues. Considering the two publications, posttraumatic stress disorder and unmet mental health issues can be considered or addressed as psychological issues. With reference to the unmet mental health issues, it is clear that, regardless of the fact that unmet mental health issues can point to a variety of psychological issues among them posttraumatic stress disorder.
The relationship between psychological issues facing any set of individuals who experience the same effects of an event and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Terrorist Attack On World Trade Center Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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